I think I have to take a day of work just to go through all the changes for Mastodon v3.0 :)

@hugo I'm interested in the audio player. How does that work? Is the audio file stored locally? Is it shared with/also stored at subscriber instances?

Would the overhead of supporting audio be too much for our hosted instances? What if I posted a song and it got popular? (I guess the same applies to video.)

@jackwilliambell The audio player will look like this: (please open in a new tab to see).

Audio is less of an overhead than video during conversion, I haven't really did a deep testing of resources uses but at least in theory it is and I haven't had issues with it.

In terms of something being popular, the problem is the same as video but it hasn't been an issue so far.

So, audio and video work in similar was (storage, etc) and is available on all hosting plans.

@hugo Cool. I think I'd rather post songs here than on some service trying to make money on them. But if I do that I'll need to figure out some way to share them downloadable as well.

@hugo thanks for all the work you do to maintain my instance and the others on @mastohost

@sikkdays you're welcome! Most days is fun to run and to be able to help people :)

@hugo I was wondering why search on was broken in Pinafore...

@nolan A lot of changes introduced and is already running v3.0RC. So, it must be that

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