to everyone who keeps asking me why im bothering with xmpp i should just use matrix uwu

can think of a hell of a lot better things to do with $1500/mo than run a chat server

hmm use xmpp, which is imperfect but has a bazillion apps and does a generally good job of "instant message" and "chatroom" and can be run with the spare RAM and CPU that Mastodon isn't guzzling, or spend $1500 on something that doesn't even have proper error handling to the point where me, a witch whomstdve good at computers, couldn't figure out why the hell it wouldn't let me register an account on the only available app and interface for it :thonkormiss:

like. this is for a hosted server similar to how something like works but i guarantee you it would not cost me $1500/mo to move witches to if i wanted to do that for some reason

anyway. coven. we're gonna have an XMPP chat server soon. its like AOL Instant Messenger (for the olds) or Shitty Discord/Facebook Messenger (for the youngs) as soon as my ADD gremlin ass can sit down and work through how to auth against it Mastodon.

Please look forward to it!

also like Mastodon it federates, so I want to also publish tools/instructions for other instances to run it too

@gled would still love tips on this btw ;) also how much does mastohost charge for like, a 1000 user instance per month?

@anna told you, oauth with a patch of mastodon for the xmpp part is the easiest way to go :)

No idea for, it's @hugo that manages this :)


@gled @anna the cost per user depends on many factors, from general usage to Federation Relays, concurrent number of users, etc.

I don't charge per user any longer but the cost for the old Party plan (up to 1000 users) was €20/month:

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