Hey Mastodon did you ever come across an issue where the Local Timeline is stuck on an old date for a single user?

Any idea on how to debug this?

Same issue was reported by someone else but it has no solution:

OK, mystery solved it was just the language filtering that was only active for a single language.

A couple of hours to solve something so simple :)

@hugo I once spent three weeks looking for a bug in code written by a long-gone contractor. When I found it the fix was a single character, one byte.

It was my first few weeks on the job. Turned out three other programmers had looked at it on and off for months before I was hired.

I consider that fix to be the single most expensive byte I've ever been directly involved with.

@jackwilliambell Stuff like that is mind blowing when you find it.

But I don't mind a bug that you can see that something is obviously wrong and you can reproduce it. When it's something random or that makes no sense, it really gets under my skin :)

@hugo Sounds like making CSS work across browsers, even when you actually understand the Box Model.

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