Walking Dead is so slow and long that it feels like I have been watching this series since I came into existence

@hugo Which is why I stopped watching it after season 2 or 3. I had some fun with it on an old blog, doing (what I thought was) funny recaps of episodes because I was getting so bored with the slow burn drama. Then, I stopped completely.

@sikkdays I have stopped and restarted so many times I have lost count 😂

@sikkdays @hugo I watched it, until one of the season premieres. It had Kerry Condon in it, as a young Irish woman who’d been on her honeymoon. To see an actor of that calibre wasted in that way, just turned me off the show completely.

@dgold @hugo The acting, which is heavily influenced by the poor writing was one of my biggest beefs. Everyone went to the William Shatner School of Dramatic Pause and Exaggeration.

@dgold BTW according to Masto, I'm waiting to be approved by you to follow from this new account on my own instance, but it says you're following me.

Just an FYI. Approve me or deny me. This limbo is taking me back my Jr. high days: "Does that girl like me? I think she does. Maybe not. Should I ask her to go steady? What if she says no?" Haha!

@sikkdays but my account is public, there’s no approval needed.

I’ll take a look at my instance again, but should not be any issue.

See, I never knew the rules, just Hung out, with the freaks and ghouls.

@hugo Is this show still running? I think I quit watching in season 2 or 3 because it felt repetitive... :P

@hugo yeah, after season 3 I just couldn't continue.

@hugo I stopped watching on season 6 if memory serves me right.

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