ayes, the last photo under #photo which I see is from 8 hours ago. Before that time things seemed to work for showing images from other instances.

The vpn version also shows photos from other instances which I also don't see on my #photo column. So it's not only the images from my own instance (photog) which I don't see.

@Jondor This may sound silly but what if you create a brand new, separate firefox profile and only go to mastodon, login and view the photo hashtag?

c/ @hugo

@ambassador @hugo but I purged it and reinstalled it on my system. No change. The last #photo is from 9 hours ago for the rest it looks the same as under chrome.

@Jondor you could try using a vpn, I bet it will work via vpn

@hugo Not really. I'm now supposed to come from "Your IP is:
Belongs to Webair Internet Development Company Inc."
in the USA and still exactly the same I see locally.

@Jondor hummm you connected via two different routers before right? One from work and one from home, right?


@Jondor do you have mobile data on your photo that you could try and disable the phone WiFi and retry with mobile data on the smartphone?

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