ayes, the last photo under #photo which I see is from 8 hours ago. Before that time things seemed to work for showing images from other instances.

The vpn version also shows photos from other instances which I also don't see on my #photo column. So it's not only the images from my own instance (photog) which I don't see.

@Jondor This may sound silly but what if you create a brand new, separate firefox profile and only go to mastodon, login and view the photo hashtag?

c/ @hugo

@ambassador @hugo
Not silly, but as I never use firefox it's as clean as can be. No addons, no extentions. I didn't even bother to load my bookmarks there yet.

@ambassador @hugo I asked on of my contacts if he can check if he has the same problem.

@Jondor @hugo If you find it can you report back?

This is very strange behavior.


@ambassador @Jondor yes, please do let us know if you find something.

I would still test the VPN just to make sure that it’s an connectivity issue.

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