I just did the math from all my work last year and even only paying myself €1000/month and adding everything up (VAT + Social Security, Salary Tax and other business taxes) for every €1 of profit, I have to pay €0,50 to the government. This is in a small scale business without any employees (just me) and pretty much at break even after all taxes and my small salary.
It's pretty crazy that at this scale 50% of all the money I make goes to taxes.

@hugo wow, that's unbelievable. At 1k/month I'd expect you'd still be at a reasonable tax bracket, but 50% is bonkers.


@meqif from the salary part, I am at a reasonable tax bracket from an employee stand point but has I am my own boss all other taxes (social security, etc) are a cost to me. Adding my personal tax to my company tax is what makes it go that high. For a single person company is crazy.

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