Am I wrong to say that Mastodon is the largest decentralised social network?

If the data in is accurate, there are only 237 Pods in Diaspora and according to there are 6424 instances of Mastodon.

Is there any other data that I can look at to confirm or deny this information?

@vanecx this is very useful but I feel the data is not up to date. I cannot confirm the data from but I believe that currently there are way over 2672 active servers.

@hugo I think the data is very up to date (I checked for my instance, it's the exact number). Why do numbers vary from one counter to another? That's because decentralization... So, depending on where you are on the network, you'll have, at the same time, different numbers of instances/people.

So I'd say the best way to compare is to gather several sources to have an approximate idea (but all will tell the same : Mastodon has waaaaayyy more users/active users than diaspora)

@vanecx Thank you so much. It's pretty amazing :)

@vanecx @hugo The Web does not really provide interaction so hardly counts as a social network.

@bortzmeyer @vanecx so the Largest Decentralised Social Media Platform

@hugo if Mastodon were designed in way that non-technical users could handle it just fine and everybody could own a Instance, that would be better.

Now it's just like Twitter, only spreads wider but every Instance function like a Silo.

@BranTarik I don’t agree that every instance functions like a Silo.

@hugo I'd try to look instead to number of active users per server and then do the math. You can have a huge instance/server with only 2 active users...

@eloisa I had a look at the number of users too but I was just surprised how small was the number of Diaspora pods compared to Mastodon instances.
I never looked into it or really look much at Diaspora but expected something completely different and was really surprised.

@ruivieira Oh! yes! this is pretty cool. Do you know what WordPress instances that are listed there are?

@hugo I don't know, but I'm guessing it can be something like WP instances using the ActivityPub plugin,

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