I have an account with blockchain.com that I don't use.

Today, I got an email from them saying they were doing a XLM (a crypto currency) airdrop (free tokens) that I needed to finish my identity verification to receive.

So, as all my details were already there, all I needed to do was send them a selfie.

It was the first time in my life someone paid me $25 for a picture of my face 😂

Obviously this is a marketing stunt but $25 for just sending them a picture of my face was pretty cool :)

@hugo That's a pretty unique marketing stunt, and it worked! That deserves some kudos 🎉


@hugo They are doing a $125,000,000 give away. Not sure if they give $25 to anyone who joins, still is pretty much half a days work for most people in Portugal. It's almost 5 months of a Personal Plan on Masto.host :P

@hugo What! I'm assuming that's the valuation of the currency, rather than conversion the other way?

@hugo yep, probably. But I exchanged it to Bitcoin and moved it to another wallet, I could just take it out to my bank account right now and I would get the $25. That's real enough for me :)

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