I hate Thursday’s. Don’t know why but Thursday’s are usually the worst day of the week for me.

@hugo They used to be for until I started planning to have take-out that night and make half the day a play-day. Okay. Tbh, every day is a play day for me but take-out on Thursdays is still a thing. :)

@BitcoinBelle it’s good to know that I am not alone :) I usually don’t like to make plans but on days like these it feels like I probably could open an exception for Thursday’s

@hugo I think that the idea that we have a 5 day work/school week and then 2 days off fucks with people. Gotta be the master of your ship. #CaptainAhab


@BitcoinBelle completely agree! Still, nothing is harder than being your own true captain

@hugo I have been my own captain for as long as I can remember. And all this time, what I've wanted to be was XO. ;)

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