I really really need some Mastodon dev help with this
Anyone? Pretty please

@hugo you closed the issue þ with

> So, the problem was on my end. The partition for /var/lib/docker was running out of disk space. Didn't even crossed my mind.

I'm thinking that'd be something i'd really wanna know as admin, because a lot of software behaves extremely unpredictably under poor memory / low disk / etc conditions, so it should be very easily visible in admin interface.

@hirojin ahhh gotcha :)

the problem was there was plenty of disk space in the server. like 400GB of free disk space but it was partitioned in a way that caused Docker containers to use a small disk partition where there was little available space.

I honestly could have found it easily if I understood the problem was on my end but was quick to assume it was some software bug. So, I was looking for a software solution and it was obviously not. My bad!

@hugo you're only as good as your (understanding of your) tools and bad tools lead to superstition 👻

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