Last night I went to DigitalOcean to try Spaces. I create a couple and did some testing. After a while, it started giving me an error when trying to access my Space via the interface. I opened a ticket, got a reply that they were looking into it and 24 hours later, still the same. WTH?!

@hugo sorry hugo, i have an open ticket with them that i have to ping every 48 hours to keep it open, that has been open for nearly 3 months now.

Their spaces product is half baked at best.

@chuck well, it’s good to know. This way I don’t even consider them to any of my projects.
They were supposed to be good, right? This just blows my mind.

@hugo thing is, their compute is good. I've had some trouble with degraded block storage and their spaces product. Less so on block devices vs the constant trouble that is their spaces :(

@hugo same problem here. spaces is a HUGE problem for DO right now. Most of their regions are constantly having problems. For now I'm sticking with s3, but would love to move to spaces once they fix their junk

@nynhex yep, they offered me €10 credit but I still have a space that I can’t even delete via API waiting for them to delete it :|

@hugo sigh, similar problems here. for now it's just s3 since i'm a apn partner and get better pricing, but would love to simplify

@nynhex from my tests S3 is the best overall object storage on that price range (haven’t tested Google).

I have been using OVH Object Storage for shared hosting and it has been working without problems but it is a product much more “rough around the edges”. It’s cheaper but it is not S3 and uses OpenStack that has some quirks, that I don’t really like.

@hugo I haven't checked out OVH (since I'm not EU) but have heard good things about it. Google is pretty decent but a bit more expensive than s3. And yes, openstack has some quirks, sadly. :)

@nynhex they have a data center in Canada. It’s a company that is growing like mad but also “rough around the edges” :) it has been working well for me.

@hugo would you then recommend OVH before Digital Ocean?

@luka for Object Storage, yes. At least the mess that Digital Ocean Spaces is right now, for sure. Do a Google search for Digital Ocean Spaces problems, can’t access, etc and you see why.
I believe that if they solve the issues it can be a better service but it simply is not reliable at the moment.
OVH for all it’s flaws and limitations, it works.

@hugo what are flaws and limitations of OVS you think?

@luka well, OVH uses OpenStack that is own set of problems. Plus, the service has only been offer for short period of time, so there is still some troubles with the integrations. Eg: Horizons interface auth scripts will not work if you just download and use them, you need to do a couple of changes.
Overall there is little documentation, there is an "algorithm" they use to control abusers and that they don't disclose how it works, meaning you have no idea on the amount of... (cont)

@luka requests you can make or what to be aware when you implement the service. There is a 60 tokens a minute limit, that for example with Mastodon has implications on some functions.
Well, I could write a lot more because I have been losing so much time with it but the thing is, I have been using it for months for a lot of objects and it hasn't really failed me. So, even though there are issues, for the price it is a pretty great service.

@hugo thanks for this info. I'm new to the cloud servers and just figuring out things... I have a droplet on Digital Ocean for email and webmail, which works fine for now, and a new webserver on Hetzner, where I'm in the process of trying to use external object storage. I'm more of a self-taught old school admin used to LAMP and have no clue about contemporary web apps, node, ruby, docker etc.. And very little time to learn new stuff. 🤓👍

@luka well, if I can ever help with something, just ping me

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