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DuckDuckGo tries to explain why its browsers won't block some Microsoft web trackers "Unfortunately our Microsoft search syndication agreement prevents us from doing more to Microsoft-owned properties. However, we have been continually pushing and expect to be doing more soon." (2022-05-25)

Gerardo Lisboa partilhado
Gerardo Lisboa partilhado


SuperFreezZ è l'applicazione perfetta per congelare e scongelare le applicazioni che utilizzate poco. Sicura, utile e open source!

LINK -->

#Strumentiavanzati #Utilizzoquotidiano #bloccare #congelamento #congelare #fermare

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@Seirdy It's somewhat distressing for me that I can't find comfortable color schemes to use in neovim and my terminal, even though there are so many colorschemes out there. One Dark is the only comfortable (but not flawless) colorscheme I've been able to find but that fails WCAG AAA and APCA.

I suspect that there's little research involved in choosing colors when creating colorschemes and their designers mostly churn out whatever colors they think look good for them. I've been considering creating my own colorscheme but I haven't figured out where to get started reading about color theory and alternative color spaces like LAB and LCH.

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@sandrolinux @Gargron

Avoid #decentralization

"#Mastodon is like #Twitter, but better. It is not social media, but social networking. More personal and representative to real life, where you choose who you hang out with. Mastodon is part of the #Fediverse, an online space where there are countless communities. Each may have their own topics and themes and can set their own rules. And they are all connected together. Anyone who wants can install their own server and host their own #community."

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@rysiek @phryk From what I've seen of copilot code, it already contains subtle bugs.

It's interesting, the people who are most likely to rely on copilot are also the same people who are least likely to find those bugs. Who is this thing for, really?

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Had various questions about, here's some answers: is run by the developers of Mastodon, and it's there to promote Mastodon and help new users. It also has a useful list of good servers to join, categorised by theme.

All the servers listed on JoinMastodon have signed up to a covenant on reliability and moderation (

However, servers do not need to be listed on JoinMastodon. All Mastodon servers are independent, they don't need any approval from anyone else. People can sign up on servers directly, by going to a server's web address.

You can use the official Mastodon app with any Masto server, just enter the server's full address in the "search servers" box when signing in. It doesn't have to be a server listed on JoinMastodon.

JoinMastodon don't seem to be adding any servers to their suggestions list. I've opened an issue at

#MastoTips #Mastodon #JoinMastodon #Servers #FediTips

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🕵️‍♂️ You heard of illegal data processing and want to share your knowledge?

👥 Stay anonymous, and drop documents with noyb via SecureDrop! 🔐💧

Find out more on!

@EC_DIGIT_director_general Waiting to welcome you to the Fediverse too! Matrix/Mastodon/Pleroma/PeerTube/etc, etc.

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Two new projects just signed in the NGI portofolio addressing Search topic:
- NGI Search (8.5M€) will fund open source technologies for search @mirkopresser
- Openwebsearch (8.5M€) focuses on Search index infrastructure

Both projects will resort to community contributions through open calls (so called cascading) that will open later this year. Stay tune.

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So, today I read a big part of the “Working with the kernel development community” section of the Linux kernel documentation. I cloned and built the kernel successfully.

I also read the whole kernel glossary of the Kernel Newbies website, as well as some of the articles linked, and skimmed through some kernel files also linked. I got myself introduced to some concepts related to locking, caching, memory management, storage and scheduling. So fascinating!

I hope to keep up with this and not lose motivation in a week, as I always do.

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*Última sessão aberta de Junho da ESOP: Hoje!*
Sessão Aberta ESOP: Open Source e Formação - Evento da ESOP - Associação de Empresas de Software Open Source Portuguesas
qui., 30 de jun. de 2022, 12:00 - 13:00 (Lisboa)
On-line :

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