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If you want to support the fediverse while using Twitter:

By all means cross post from the fediverse to Twitter, but not from Tweet to the fediverse.

Cross positing from twitter means you aren't here to answer and grow, your feed distracts from those who are putting the time in here and undermined the community.

Pretty selfish once you recognise the impact!

This is why I'll be unfollowing/ not boosting accounts who are not really here. #fediverse #mastodon #bots

Porta & Bella, from the Spritely Project - @spritelyproject is so cuuute - and is one of my favs for its promising features. :blobaww:

Kudos to @davidrevoy for drawing the lil' characters, and thanks to @cwebber and whoever is helping him build Spritely! :ablobcathappypaws:

Don't know wtf I'm talking about? Check:

Or watch:

Horray, the ActivityPub Conference 2020 videos are live! Which is great news because this presentation is probably the best overview of Spritely that's been made for a general audience yet!

Me: What if computers are sentient and have feelings and moral status and every time you turn it off, they die

IT support: I don't know what to tell you, turning it off and on again is the first step in the troubleshooting flowchart


Do me a favor:

if someone tells you they stopped being able to do x and y because they now have a chronic illness... don't tell them you hope they get better.

There is no "getting better" if the illness is chronic.

It's why it's called CHRONIC in the first place!!!

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Façam-me um favor:

se alguém vos disser que deixaram de conseguir fazer x e y porque agora têm uma doença crónica... não lhes desejem as melhoras.

Não há melhoras se a doença é crónica.

É por isso que se chama C R Ó N I C A ! ! !

I'm calling the PiFrame firmware featureful *and* stable at this point.

I deployed a finalized form of the PiFrame @ home by the TV (where we've wanted one for years now) and it's been rock solid.

Updates, loading up pictures, automatic sync, etc ALL work

The only thing left is a 3d printed case/frame (currently in progress) and verifying 3 more LCDs are good to recommend.

Current Bill of Materials (we are only adding some panels in different sizes, all else is sorted) as well as documentation on how to build your own frame are at

Without going to change anything:
-Do you currently have in your bio or pinned toots in which country (not state or region, *country*) you reside?
-Do you live in the USA?

Please boost! Abuse mention. 

Please help my friend Juno escape her abusive household. Any little amount helps, with rent and travel and whatnot. Seriously, any amount can make a difference. Please share this around!

google can give people inaccurate or misleading information folks.

Just because someone can google a topic does not mean that it will be helpful to do so.

I hate to ask, but here goes.

I'm looking for a role as a #frontend #developer. #Contracts or #fulltime. Preferably #UK where I have previous #remote work ex from.

I've been looking a while and nothing with the right fit has come along. Work life balance is super important. If UK, happy to work completely in your timezone!

My site is and I'm happy to email you my CV/resume. Will start immediately once we're on the same page. 💯

#Boost please?


i’ve never regretted blocking someone and i never will. this post isn’t a threat, just a....reminder.

Malta, temos por aqui em Portugal e no Mastodon alguém experiente em Ruby/Rails? :blobaww:

I spent 4 months and a half playing (and I may come back to it after this break for some audiobooks)!

Last time I spent so much time with a game I was in my very early teens and the game was Civilization II. /faints

New avatar, to match my hair growth and use of mask. Used the same avatar maker from before:

every time another person realizes they're trans because of the fediverse, an angel gets its wings

Is it time for a #reintroduction #introduction?

- I'm a writer, ex-journalist, now at a branding agency.
- I'm bi. My family doesn't know this.
- I talk about gender stuff, mental health, films/tv, linguistics.
- I speak ok French but I understand it well. Also: Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic.
- I grew up in the Middle East, studied/worked in India, live in Toronto now. All these places are home but also not home.
- I like meeting/talking to people virtually! Say hi!
- I also like bullet points.

This is your friendly reminder that it's ok to ask for help when you need it. :blobsathy:

New profile pic because my hair grew a LOT during this pandemic (and still going, so who knows, maybe I'll get to have my hair by my butt again?)!

Credits: Picrewの「for the tickle squad」でつくったよ!

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