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I have new noisy below door neighbors... 

Forget about the good taste. That must have been some friend of theirs.

Now it's just awful stuff & I'm living in a nightmare! :_catsad:

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Musings about, in PT 

Recentemente, a nossa instância lembra-me os tempos iniciais do birdsite em que eu só tinha uma pessoa ou duas que conhecia pessoalmente na feed e o resto era só malta dos EUA, mas finalmente começava a ver mais actividade PT na timeline.

É engraçado como as coisas são cíclicas. :ablobowo:

Mutual Aid Req update: goal met! Thank youuuu! 💕✨ 

Goal met! :ameowbongo:

Thank you so much, everyone! 💜💜💜


WTF is up with a mastodon instance listing specific countries you're supposed to be in to use it?

Double WTF for listing the English language skills of the population as one of the criteria for choosing countries for the blessed list.

What about print on demand sites?

Artists, where do you sell the most?

Non-artists, where do you most buy?

My goals re products rn are: calendars, prints, stickers, pins, t-shirts, bookmarks & journals.

Any recommendations?

I'm open to them, especially if you know of something better than what I have in the poll, regarding quality/price ratio, & also if there's any drama around these sites that everyone is boycotting it or whatever, someone plzz lemme know! D:

:retweet: plz! ❤️

Tysm! ✨

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I was suggested for digital stuff but it lacks a lot of categories & doesn't have a print on demand service on the side, which I'd also like to have for some other stuff I also would like to sell later, like stickers, tho I guess I could have more than one store, even though I'd rather not stretch myself too thin regarding that. 😅

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If you're an artist, where do you have most of your digital sales revenue regarding desktop wallpaper design & stuff like that?

If you're not an artist, where do you buy those things, or would think of buying them if you ever considered giving money for that kind of thing?

What's the first site that comes to mind and to the tip of your fingers and onto your browser if that situation ever arises?

:retweet: welcome, ty! :ablobsmile:

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Where do you go to buy digital artworks, like wallpapers, and stuff like that?

:blobartist: Besides self-hosting, where do y'all digital artists are selling your artworks? :ablobowo:

I'm talking stuff like wallpapers, etc. Nothing printable, just digital stuff that can deliverable immediately after a buy.

What's the best option to go, here? :blob_grinning_sweat:

Also, bonus points if that place happens to have a print-on-demand service for stuff like calendars, stickers, postcards, etc. :ablobjoy:

Anyone? Do you get my gist? Halp? :ablobcathappypaws:

:retweet: plz? 🥺

I’m just saying, PV had a pretty spotless record when it came to identifying bigots on the fedi.

Folks didn’t like that we did it back then, but time has shown we were right. Consistently.

Hey, everyone! 💜 How are you?
And I'm genuinely asking, btw! :ablobcathappypaws:

Second call:

I've been trying to help people understand navigation in DiscDAG, so I've written a thing in DiscDAG that's semi-interactive to help people exercise the features.

Would anyone like to try it?

(I'll delete this after a bit)

I have new noisy below door neighbors... 

I also kinda wanna know what their playlist is, or at least what is it they were playing this morning because I liked it a lot. 😅

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I have new noisy below door neighbors... 

*this time. 😅

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I have new noisy below door neighbors... 

They have good taste in music, tho, so I don't mind so much this mind, except it's not loud enough to understand the lyrics, but loud enough to make it impossible for me to listen to my own music, unless I make mine loud myself, and I don't like it loud anymore. :_catsad:

Also, my cat doesn't agree with loud music, either mine or theirs, so it's still a problem.

But at least it's a problem with good taste? :blobcatderpy:

Hey yall! 💞 I'm $800 shy of my top surgery goal. I'm still dealing with medical bills and would appreciate your aid!

I'm latinx, trans masc and not making enough to deal with the stress of finances. I'm also supporting my underemployed trans gf. Every donation is appreciated and very rad :ablobcatrave:

#mutualaid #crowdfund #donate #boost


the fediverse has a long history of mutual aid. need help? want to raise funds for a cause? pass the hat by posting to #MutualAid, or monitor that tag to help folks in need. everything is easier when we work together, and together we are strong! ✊️

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#mutualaid please #reblog!

A storm fucked up their house last year and they are still just trying to get it rebuilt. if 100 people here sent 10$ we would have this done in a day!

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Momodou (@Sbarry8520) is collecting 1000$ euros to finish building a house for their family. There was a successful fundraiser on the #fediverse last year for the first part of the process.

If you are able and willing to send any amount to my venmo @wakest or paypal with the comment Momodou and I will compile it all together and do the work to convert it into Gambian Dalasis (also happy to take any other type of currency/crypto/whatever)

Lets help a comrade!

some useful hashtags

#FediVision fedi's answer to the eurovision song contest

#FantasticFedi showcase why you like the fediverse

#FediTips give advice on fedi

#AskFedi find out how fedi works

#np now playing music, maybe on an integral part of the fediverse

#Volunteer if you are looking to help out in fedi

#MastoArt showcasing art

#SmolWeb a rejection of Big Tech's web domination

#FediFriday because it's Friday

#MutualAid mutual aid

#fedi for all things #fediverse related

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