Does anyone sell a Kirk slash Spock t-shirt?

Ideally, a t-shirt with Kirk kissing Spock?

@polychrome @amolith @art this is a reply to the reply to the reply that embeds that custom emojo, with my own custom emojo, and possibly some confusion in the form. :ablobjoy:

@JoYo right? I was under the impression this kind of thing wasn't possible yet! I don't know how's the import function, but with this behavior for moved accounts it's almost not even needed (there's still some use cases for it, especially for dead instances, but still!)!!!

@enkiv2 I already have it because I got that bundle. Didn't get a chance to play yet, tho. Animal Crossing has been *it* for me. Yes, still.

I was buried in notifs after moving my @ella_kane account from ht to here.

I had no idea that it'd import followers (like, wait! we finally have that!?) and that I'd end up with a ton of requests to review that I basically already reviewed in the past, so after getting tired of clicking that button I just opened my account for a while so all my previous followers could follow me again. Phew! 💫

It's back to closed, now. Requests are welcome, but they'll be pending if we never interacted before!

WAN history time!

@ella_kane is the person who created the #WeAreNameless concept and hashtag.

Ella hosted WAN until January 2020, after which the baton was passed to @Mnemonic for keeping.

At first WAN didn't have a stream, nor a riot channel and even less the capacity to have a weekly show like it has since a couple of months.

WAN seems to have changed for good with the new host.
Maybe it'll change even more in the future. Who knows?

With new beginnings there are also some endings, though. It has been a long overdue announcement, but @ella_kane will not come back as a WAN host.

Whatever this project becomes will be solely on your hands. You, the community. And Mnemonic.

Enjoy! :_earth:

Ben&Jerry's, my fav ice-cream, is fair trade and has yummy lactose-free options.

What else is there like this (at least fair trade!) that's a yummy snack? :ablobcathappypaws:

@imani I just learned something about anime that I was very fine living without knowing! D:

Here’s a flippin’ clue for FREE.

If you are deving XMPP, 99% of users want to have OMEMO and OpenPGP. Up front. Activated. Standard. Working. Transparently.


/#Reintroductions time again!

I create & ;

:blobcatbusiness: Mod at @eloisa & @eloisa + am one of 's Admins!

:blobcatcamera: Will show you pix or all lies, at: @eloisa & (some time in the future)

Got 🤖? I do: @eloisa_ebooks

:ko_fi: (my tip jar)

Got a "teenage void" persona @TheVoid trying to make a zine with you, Fedi!

:xmpp: at

They/She/Kitten |

I hereby give up of anything and everything related, effective immediately.

You can find me at: @eloisa

Thanks for all the fish! :_earth:

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