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Today's mood.

It was also rainy when I made this photo andTanya Davis' How to be alone was playing:

*You'll find it's fine to be alone once you're embracing it.*


~ My memory of you is this seagull I call loneliness ~

I dreamed
of seagulls {before
meeting you.

in my dreams, blurring

in the shadows.}

When I think of them, I see a seagull.

- "PACAW!", they said.

Much I marveled, {over
the Atlantic
and its birds.

When I think of you, I see a seagull.

- "PACAW!", you said,
then "PACAW!" again.

So you flew.



here's an unfiltered pic of myself to make up for the mess of repetitions in the feed. :3

Sadly, that pink hair faded, but I'll get back to it right after I get tired of some purple.

I still need to dye it purple, though, but I'm waiting on some piercings to heal first, not to irritate them, even though my dyes are all vegan there should just not be any contact with such things w/a fresh piercing.

Oh, yeah, I'm into and . Where's my inked and mod pals at? :D