drawing with eye contact 

I made a "me" with picrew.me too, here's the result, which is very close to how I look, nowadays! :blobaww:

Credit for the avatar maker: sangled.tumblr.com

Picrewの「Character Creator」でつくったよ! picrew.me/share?cd=GwUNUBPzkh

:blobcatlove: I got a very pleasant surprise this past week!

One of the AnonRadio peeps, @pithi, got me a couple of gifts from my wishlist: an ukelele stand AND a cup full of dice! Weeeeee!

Thank you so much, Leny! :blobblush:

Already used both! Tehe! :blobaww:

My dear friend @kemonine sent me this couple of prints of his own photographs with a nice handwritten message behind them, and the coolest envelope wax seal I ever saw! :ablobsmile:

Thank you, K! :blobaww:

Eye contact, selfie, piercings 

It's getting harder to get all my piercings in the same shot! :blob_laughing:


🎄 🎁 Have a Happy Yule*, everyone! 🎁 🎄

* or whatever Holiday/End of the Year Festivities you may have going on! :blobaww:

New haircut, new selfie! 

I stopped bleaching my hair 13 months ago.

I spent the last year conditioning my hair and cutting the ends; cutting the ends, cutting the ends... Until today, when I finally let go of the ends with the last bit of bleached and dyed hair that I had.

:blobsalute: So long, pink hair!

Now it's all black & white! For the moment I'm owning my whites/greys with this cute new haircut that makes them even more prominent.

See ya in my next iteration! :blobaww:


An earthquake drill taught me to look for that space, as it is generally safe. Yes.

So I don't live inside the room in which door I'm leaning in. No.

I'm comfortable being just in-between, and under the door.}


Hall of shame / re: GDPR - Doodle.com 

Doodle.com just asked for my govt ID in order to comply with and delete any data they may have of me (when I shouldn't even be asking for it in the first place if they were really complying).

Biggest wtf of all the replies I got so far to my removal requests.

So... They want something they never had. My face and full name. Why? Up yours, doodle!

Selfie, eye contact, melancholia 

This is what fatigue looks like when it's holding hands with a physiotherapy session.

I can't even go back home. Am resting for about an hour, now...

Melancholy included, because this is me.

I believe I was boooorn this waaaaay. If you know what I mean...


:retweet: Feel free to use this photo as a writing prompt and/or illustration for your writings, as along as you give me proper attribution and do not use it for commercial purposes. You can also remix it as long as you share-alike.

TL;DR: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 - creativecommons.org/licenses/b


Selfie, eye contact. Marvel, avengers. 

Already saw *the movie*. You can't spoil me now, non-cw'ers! Mwahaha!

Here's me before the movie actually started, thinking about all the trouble I had to go through to avoid spoilers.

Just kidding. I was just bored.

Agora que os ânimos acalmaram um pouco decidi fazer estas imagens para ajudar o pessoal a desfrutar desta instância tootando à vontade...

Sem, no entanto, fazer flood nas tmls públicas local e global, nem apresentar conteúdo sensível a menores e quem não queira ver.

EN: Quick tip re: toots privacy

Eye contact, piercings 

I ask you what color should I dye my hair. You say pink, I go purple. :blobcat:

There's shades of pink fuchsia in there, so those who said BOTH is good were appeased. :P

The is vegan, purple haze from manic panic & it didn't cover my white hairs so don't expect full coverage out of that one! /#review

feat. the end result + my who survived this without stains.



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