brought me here indirectly.

WUT? Why? How?

- First, indirectly because I have not deleted my facebook account this time. I did it when Diaspora* appeared, only to come back to it 3/4 years later due to biz, so yeah, deleting that thing while the audience is there? Not gonna happen.

- Second, because I started seeing some friends on my FB feed saying they were going to Diaspora* and deleting FB.

(keep reading, plz, it's a thread)


So, logic as I am, instead of just going back to D* I decided to give the fediverse & Mastodon a real chance.

You can try to shame me all you want for still being on FB, it'll not take. The only way I'll ever delete that shit again is if I go off-grid again. And that is *still* just too much cumbersome.

Plus, I need my support groups. Did you knw I was/am the only person, so far, to have used the hashtag? Yeah... And before me only one other person used !


There's still a long way coming before I'm ok with letting go of my proverbial crutches (I also have actual ones, btw), and that's ok.

There's no shame in doing what works for you.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

@eloisa kinda unrelated to your post, but there's one thing about hashtags that I don't know if you already saw, but sometimes there's more stuff in other instances that did not reach yours:
I always check .social and .host because they federate with most instances :)

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