I’m a 32 cane user w/ . I have mobility issues, GAD, Depression, Chronic Pain & Fatigue.

Also: ; , & . No preferred pronouns.

I deal with , Social Media & have a WIP /audio-drama.

💜 tattoos & piercings.

🇵🇹 & 🇫🇷 are my native languages, but I mostly toot in English.

I can understand a bit of Italian and most Spanish dialects + a tiny bit of Korean, due to my addiction to K-dramas.


I'm interested in connecting with people who like/do and , besides peeps from and .

Feel free to reply, follow, etc.

Since I'm *still* pretty much and wanna grow my feed I'll follow back, unless I see you being a racist bigot, etc.

You know the drill, just be excellent to each other and we're all good. ^_^

Sorry for the repetition, fellas. ^^;


here's an unfiltered pic of myself to make up for the mess of repetitions in the feed. :3

Sadly, that pink hair faded, but I'll get back to it right after I get tired of some purple.

I still need to dye it purple, though, but I'm waiting on some piercings to heal first, not to irritate them, even though my dyes are all vegan there should just not be any contact with such things w/a fresh piercing.

Oh, yeah, I'm into and . Where's my inked and mod pals at? :D

CW to all followers and future followers:

I'm a selfie apologist and I don't have my content tagged as NSFW by default, so if you have any problem with that unfollow (or not even follow) at will, we are good.

Also, since I'm a photographer, expect some photography here, especially Street Photography & Photojournalism, but also the occasional Portrait and silly projects.

I forgot to add in my that I write.

Mainly poetry, the rest is micro-fiction.

Some blogging happens as well.

I do not post content that's actually NSFW.

I do curse a lot, though, so you have that warning right ahead as well.

I did not come here to troll people.

I wanna be me, unfiltered, tho, hence these CW toots.

You can also expect talks about my mental health issues, multiple sclerosis & disability.

They can be rants, awareness campaigns, or just slice of life kind of toots.

I'm also a geek, so everything tech & bookish makes me wanna chat as well.

I'm open to conversation, just hit reply! :)

@eloisa Hello Eloisa! Do you mean the software Diaspora? I want to maybe visit Portugal in summer to flee from my allergies (hoping they don't follow me there.. 😶 )

@pv Hi. Vincent! Yes, I mean - which you can install (in there we call pods to stuff that here are instances), or use by joining an existing pod.

It was all the rage almost a decade ago, and it's starting to gain some track again, with new users now too, thanks to this whole thing.

As for Portugal for allergies... Ah, Vincent, I'm afraid you're going to be stalked by them anyway. :x

@eloisa ahh I see, that Diaspora. Yes, I remember it well.

My allergies usually disappear when I'm close to the ocean, which shouldn't be too hard in Portugal. I am just wondering where to go for a month or two and not be too lonely there. I don't think I know anybody living in PT permanently right now. Do you know in which cities/places/spaces I can find cyber people, weirdos, hackers?

@pv Lisbon and Porto, and then, on a smaller scale also Coimbra.

Porto and Coimbra have a river, Lisbon has the Atlantic Ocean.

Lisbon and Porto are wayyyy expensive, but if you come by Summer to Coimbra you won't find much activity, but at the same time it's the perfect spot to be for a couple of months to explore the country, because it's right in the middle of it, on the coast!

Either way, I'd start making connections before coming here. What kinda weirdos & hackers are we talking about?

@eloisa Thank you for the recommendations Eloísa. Well, what kind of people are so dear to me. It's a really hard question to anwer when I think about it. [I wrote and deleted lots of things here] I think it's something like "cyber hippies"? People who value technology and academic knowledge, but are also open to non-scientific thought, altered states, creative expression and unconventional life scripts. Yes, that might be it!

@pv ahhh, had to be the most rare of the bunch, uh? Lemme see...

In Coimbra we have the Condomínio Criativo, which is a bit like that, and if memory serves me right also has ties to the hackerspace communities, not sure if they're here during Summer, though. The main name associated with it is Alexandre Lemos.

Lisbon, then Porto, is *the* place to be to meet more hackers, but not like the ones you describe.

I can only think of one like that, and he's in Lisbon, Isaque:

@eloisa Oh wow, you actually have some ideas. How wonderful to find you here tonight.

@pv ^_^ If you take out the cyber bit I'd say come to Coimbra, here is your tribe! Alas, you want that mixed with hackers, tougher to find.

Btw, you can visit the 3. Spend a weekend in Coimbra on your way to Porto, or Lisbon. It doesn't matter the direction, because the train passes through here anyway.

I love showing the city around even though Summer is not the best time, it still has some to see. :)

I wish you good luck in your quest. Any questions don't hesitate, ask. I may help, maybe.

@eloisa Anyway, you probably won't be able to help me further with this kind of description. Interesting to think about nonetheless. I will keep Coimbra in mind as an option, although I was - of course - eying Lisbon and Porto already ;)

@pv we have a serious problem here, a lot of the people that you described went to the UK or something like that due to the economic crisis + this idea that you have to work here for free, for *exposure*, which is totally BS.

I'm more and more with less friends in the meatspace because of that. :c

@eloisa I'm sorry for that and hope that they will soon find a way to come back!

If I come to Coimbra at some point in time I will make sure to find you and ping you for a coffee or wine. I should really try to sleep now, I have a surf lesson tomorrow, but I'm so excited now to be talking to somebody from another world. Well, I'll try. Good night!

@pv you surf?

You gotta put some time for Nazaré and Espinho as well, then! And I can introduce you to Espinho! :D

And also put you in contact with a foreigner who lives here and surfs as well, and has a podcast about it, if you want to. I just need to fetch him up in the podcasters group, I can't remember the name right now.


@eloisa Welcome to Mastodon, Eloisa. I am a professional journalist and former professional photojournalist, so I cover a couple of your areas of interest. I live in a small town 90 minutes west of Washington, D.C. in the Blue Ridge mountains on northwestern Virginia. I am an active photographer and tomorrow hope to post some photos of the march against mass shootings in Washington. Usually I post scenics and shots of my dog.

@BertL Hi, Bert! Thank you! Yay, photojournalism is something I used to do too!

@eloisa Oi. Eu estou estudando Portugues e gostaria praticar. É possivel?

@RexMagenta claro, Claire! Caso precises de tirar dúvidas, qual a tua língua-mãe? Ou inglês serve?

@eloisa Eu sou Inglês. (Desculpe pela resposta tardia. Eu não vi isso antes)

@RexMagenta uma vez que tens os teus pronomes no perfil, deixa-me corrigir-te. És inglesa.

O "a" no final substitui o "s" em she. Caso estivesses a querer dizer que falas inglês, então podias dizer "eu falo inglês", e não "sou".

Caso contrário pode gerar confusão.

Was I clear? Helpful?

@eloisa "Inglesa"! Eu sempre esqueço como as palavras mudam.

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