Questions about Fedi & AiArt 

I have been recently made aware that is something that people require a CW for.

No problem there for me, as it is something I already instinctively gave to my recent posts with any.

What I'd like to ask is why?

Besides the uncanny valley effect, and that some images may be disturbing to some people, what I wonder is this: are people wanting a cw, or a way to block content they do not like because they have something against with?


Questions about Fedi & AiArt 

Because then it wouldn't be a cw, but a tag for filter purposes.

And I ask this too in another way:

Does fedi have a problem with AI art?

I've been very on and off here, so I haven't followed the discourse.

Please someone tell me?
I'm genuinely asking. :ablobcathappypaws:

I know that outside fedi there's a bunch of people who have this argument about that rests in the fear of artists going out of jobs bc of .

Questions about Fedi & AiArt 

I'm an artist and for the 1st time in my life I have hope for my future, thanks to .

I hope to make some money thanks to what I'm making with it.

And not, not NFTs. One thing does not need to be tied to the other, btw.

Even though there's a lot of overlap, in the I'm at most people don't really sell NFTs.

Like me, they hope to sell prints, do something else with it. Ai art is just base material to work with, for us.

Thanks in advance! ✨🧚‍♂️

Questions about Fedi & AiArt 

Idk why, the middle part of my thread vanished 😅

In it I acknowledged that I know for some people it's disturbing bc of the uncanny valley, ppl using it for disturbing shit, etc. Those are cw reasons, tho.

What I'm asking is:

Does fedi have a problem with - the way mainstream web folks does as well?

The whole: 'OMG, artists are gonna be out of work, now! D:' discourse, you know? 🥺

That's what I know about Fedi & ! :ablobcathappypaws: thx!

re: Questions about Fedi & AiArt 

@eloisa I think Fedi doesn't have a problem with AI art in general. Some people request a CW because looking at the images is uncomfortable for them. Some people find it empty and boring. But my impression is that it's generally seen as an interesting tool or toy.

re: Questions about Fedi & AiArt 

@y6nH thanks! 😊

That brings comfort to the mind. I'm tired of arguing with people who don't understand how it works and who think it will kill our (I'm an artist too, lol) jobs.

For me, it's a breath of fresh air, as we say here in Portugal. A source of inspiration.

Even if I even up not doing anything with the image, it inspires me to write again!

And that is wonderful because I've been in a HUGE writer's block for years! :ablobcathappypaws:

re: Questions about Fedi & AiArt 

@eloisa I don't think most people on here have a problem with AI art.

I have a personal objection to it (not for the reasons you cite) and so on the whole, I'd be grateful if people CW or tag them, but I'm not going to make a big deal out of it.

And if it makes you happy and might provide you with a source of income, then definitely go for it.

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