Where do you go to buy digital artworks, like wallpapers, and stuff like that?

If you're an artist, where do you have most of your digital sales revenue regarding desktop wallpaper design & stuff like that?

If you're not an artist, where do you buy those things, or would think of buying them if you ever considered giving money for that kind of thing?

What's the first site that comes to mind and to the tip of your fingers and onto your browser if that situation ever arises?

:retweet: welcome, ty! :ablobsmile:

@eloisa Purchaser of pretty computer pictures here. For wallpapers and such, I tend to get stuff via Patreon, Ko-Fi and also Lulu, Drive-By-RPG (et al) and some of those other book-focused places that also let people sell digital files.

@MightyOwlbear oooh! Nice! Thank you so much for your help! 🤗

btw, which book focused places are those, if you don't mind sharing those with me too? 😅

@eloisa Lulu and Drive-By RPG are the only ones I can remember off-hand, but I'll dig through my email archives and see if I can bring to mind any others I've shopped on.

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