Where do you go to buy digital artworks, like wallpapers, and stuff like that?

If you're an artist, where do you have most of your digital sales revenue regarding desktop wallpaper design & stuff like that?

If you're not an artist, where do you buy those things, or would think of buying them if you ever considered giving money for that kind of thing?

What's the first site that comes to mind and to the tip of your fingers and onto your browser if that situation ever arises?

:retweet: welcome, ty! :ablobsmile:

I was suggested for digital stuff but it lacks a lot of categories & doesn't have a print on demand service on the side, which I'd also like to have for some other stuff I also would like to sell later, like stickers, tho I guess I could have more than one store, even though I'd rather not stretch myself too thin regarding that. 😅

What about print on demand sites?

Artists, where do you sell the most?

Non-artists, where do you most buy?

My goals re products rn are: calendars, prints, stickers, pins, t-shirts, bookmarks & journals.

Any recommendations?

I'm open to them, especially if you know of something better than what I have in the poll, regarding quality/price ratio, & also if there's any drama around these sites that everyone is boycotting it or whatever, someone plzz lemme know! D:

:retweet: plz! ❤️

Tysm! ✨

@eloisa most online market type services don't offer both digital downloads/sales and print-on-demand on the same site, in my experience with both types of service

you're most likely going to have to maintain two different storefronts if you wanna offer both kinds of purchase options

@extinct ahhh! Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. Welp, in that case, what do you recommend me for the digital ones, which this poll is actually for? 🥺

I'll do another for the print on demand. 😅

Thanks! :ablobcathappypaws:

@eloisa depending on the type of content you're looking to make available to people, i personally recommend due to it's more open guidelines for what you can list (nsfw stuff is ok) and the ability to customize your storefront and individual pages for listings

if you're only interested in offering SFW stuff and don't care much about customization, ko-fi is a great option that i use as my primary digital storefront

@eloisa I prefer threadless artist shops.
Good quality, options to create your own coupons, decent variety of products.

@eloisa Eu estou em contacto com a escola artística antónio arroio. Posso perguntar

@anna aahhh! So that's where everyone went! 😂

Thanks! Btw, do you remember their prices, more or less? 😅 I don't wanna stray much from the practiced prices... 🥺 And, per chance, did you notice if they were for sale with a commercial license or..? 🤔

@eloisa Purchaser of pretty computer pictures here. For wallpapers and such, I tend to get stuff via Patreon, Ko-Fi and also Lulu, Drive-By-RPG (et al) and some of those other book-focused places that also let people sell digital files.

@MightyOwlbear oooh! Nice! Thank you so much for your help! 🤗

btw, which book focused places are those, if you don't mind sharing those with me too? 😅

@eloisa Lulu and Drive-By RPG are the only ones I can remember off-hand, but I'll dig through my email archives and see if I can bring to mind any others I've shopped on.

@eloisa oh, right!! I get so much everything there, and the seller options are really good.

While it's games-dominant, all kinds of media can be and are sold there. I recommend!

@eloisa I usually only buy digital art like games and ebooks so is the place I go.

some of the illustrators i give money to use gumroad to sell packs, and patreon. and kofi, and liberapay.
but i guess most of their selling comes from commissions and talks in emails, paid by paypal or sepa transferts

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