Req help with physio 

Hi, there!

In case you don't know me, I'm a disabled queer autistic ADHDer with Multiple Sclerosis and chronic pain, among other stuff (and this is reaaaally putting it shortly).

My back pain has been acting up more these last days, and now so are my knees, which I had been boasting that they've been okay for the last few weeks, but no, not now... they're hurting like hell again. :\

They never stopped hurting, really, but before I could just... take it, you know? :_catsad:

Req help with physio 

I need physiotherapy again, which I haven't been having because I've been out of funds for them, and I've also been concentrating on asking for help with my decaying mental health instead.

Now that I have these pain levels again on excruciating levels I need help to get some physio sessions again, tho.

At home, because I'm still waiting to be called for my turn on the public (SNS) and also because due to my MS treatment I'm very high-risk for covid.


Req help with physio 

Each session costs 30€ at home, which is cheaper than getting it outside, because there's no expenses with transportation, so there's that, but I still can't afford them.

IF you can help, I'd be very grateful for anything you'd be willing to send my way. Every euro helps!

Boosts are very welcome, too! :blobcatheart:



Thank you very much for your help and for spreading the word, Fedi! :blobcatlove:

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