I was buried in notifs after moving my @ella_kane account from ht to here.

I had no idea that it'd import followers (like, wait! we finally have that!?) and that I'd end up with a ton of requests to review that I basically already reviewed in the past, so after getting tired of clicking that button I just opened my account for a while so all my previous followers could follow me again. Phew! 💫

It's back to closed, now. Requests are welcome, but they'll be pending if we never interacted before!

@eloisa @ella_kane Did that transfer/transition complete all right? I have looked at the mastodon account moving options and they are not great.

But, it's all we have now. So, curious. Thank you!

@peregrino @ella_kane yeah, it did. It's not perfect but seems like everyone is here!

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