What's your favorite thing about you?

It can be anything about you. What is your fave thing about you? I'm curious... :blobaww:

Mine is my ability to stay alive despite everything in my life rn and/or in the past.


occasionally i write something that even entertains me.

i wish i could do it consistently.

@Nikolai_Kingsley same here. I was told once that even a genius doesn't have every thing they do to be something of genius, tho. :blobartist: :blobboop:

@eloisa My priority on kindness. Not always successful, but the fact that it's my priority.

@eloisa I like my creativity 🙂 ... although it didn't come up with a more creative answer, too tired I guess 🤔

@eloisa the fact that I'm a very modest person. Probably the most modest person in the world.

@eloisa my ability to try and love again like I've never been hurt, even though my romantic history is a heaping, out of control, trash fire 🔥

I like how my weird sense of humor refuses to die in even the most extreme situations. I try to hold a pillow over it's face until it stops struggling and just goes to sleep, but it just keeps on kicking.


Uh... I think my hair looks pretty good most of the time. Well it did before the virus came along and ruined everything.

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