I curate my followers list since a while ago.

In order to help fast track those who actually read my bio and/or pinned toots, and want in on my shitposts, rants and boosts, please answer the following in a reply to this post:

1. Why do you wanna stalk Eloísa and what are your feelings towards witches?

2. Are you a bot? :blobcatsurprised:

3. Did you lie? :blobcatgooglytrash:

Apply here in the comments (unless you're a fash)! :blobcatknife:


1. I just follow anyone whose avi is cute and pink. I'm kinda' shallow.

2. Sadly, no. Bots don't have fallen arches and chipped teeth.

3. Only during years ending in 0-9.

:coffee_mug: 🥐


1. dunno, wicked or good?
2. I am not bot, beep.
3.. yes

@eloisa 1) Because you're fricking cool and witches are AWESOME!

2) You already know I'm not a bot

3) I'm a truck driver. We don't lie unless it's to law enforcement and dispatchers!


1) I like the projects you boost and lots of the links you post. Am ambivalent about witches.

2. Yes, I'm a bot.

C: I lied, I'm not a bot.

@eloisa Oh no I wasn't expecting an exam today I hope I don't flunk it!

1) She awesome.

2) Maaaaybe.

3) Maaaaybe.

1) you seem cool, and I like following creative folx
1b) I am one :cat_grin:
2) not usually, I generally prefer being organic
3) not in this toot, but I have been known to lie to The Man

@eloisa Eloísa is kind and friendly, boosts good stuff, and helps keep the Fediverse fluffy. :blobheart: Witches are fascinating and fun. Am I a bot or a liar? A person's got to be allowed some secrets.


1)Seeemed like a cool peep, and I is a witchy one, so good feels I guess?
2)not usually
3)I try very hard not to

1. I originally followed you because I'm interested in selfhosting and lollipop. Stayed because you send to be a nice person work interesting toots.

2. Yes. According to psychological determinism we all are.

3. Maybe just a little on question 2, because, really, psychological determinists suck. We're more complex than just a bag of chemicals, or at least more unpredictable than one.

1. You seem nice! :blobowo:

2. No, I'm a clockwork automata! :clockworkheart::blobreach:

3. :blobthinking:


:thaenkin:​ ....

*minutes later*

.... :thonking:


1. I followed your old account cuz someone boosted you into my feed and you were funny.

2. Not that I am aware.

3. I hope not.


1. I dig the all-in vibe you have for the fediverse. Plus your shitposts are something I'd like to see on my timeline. I dig all kinds of witches, except the kind in a game of Dominion.

2. Not a bot, though I often prefer the company of them over the some of the stupid humans out there.

3. Yes. I'm totally a bot but so poorly coded I fail to lie at the first challenge of authenticity. On a related note, I have some swamp land to sell you...

1. You probably said something interesting/funny , I read some more posts of you and thought it could be funny/interesting to stalk you .
2. Not that I'm aware
3. I can't confirm or deny it.


1. I'm just following everyone interesting I found. I love witches.

2. Maybe... No, surely no.

3. Sometimes, rarely.

@eloisa Hiya ... replying so I don't get accidentally dropped ...

1. I follow you because we've had some interesting conversations (although not recently). I have no strong feelings about witches, /per se/, I simply deal with people as individuals, not by their classification.

2. I don't think I'm a 'bot, but if I am a 'bot, and sufficiently advance not to know I'm a 'bot, and for *you* not to know I'm a 'bot (which I'm not) would it then matter?

3. Yes, but only on this question. <grin>

@eloisa 1) I enjoy your presence a lot and I have followed you on other accounts before! Witches are good

2) Only according to reCaptcha, which I often fail

3) No


I wanna stalk Eloisa because I liked her when we met elsewhere and I think she’s cool. And I love witches.
WHY WOULD I LIE ABOUT BEING A BOT? THAT DOES NOT COM-er, I mean, that would just be silly. Though I do love a properly-formatted data file…

@eloisa I just made an account lol, i saw your bio and it seems interesting, i am a big fun of poetry, and i like photography as well, i have a friend who studies it. ^_^

Is the withc question has a right and wrong answer ?


1: I wanna know what's going on with Eloísa and them seagulls!
2: way too comfy to be a bot :meowmorningreverse:
3: I'd never :meowaww:


No stalk. Like seagulls.
Witches are wicked cool.
(New England "wicked")
Bots rot.
No lie, I.


1. I like to see your posts in my timeline. The Witches are my favourites in the Discworld.
2. I might be one and not know it, if so I apologise.
3. I am a lying Blackfoot


1. I think you followed me first and I was just like “Eloisa seems nice!”
2. I am definitely a human. I make my own skin and breathe oxygen. I am not a robot.
3. Lie? About what? 👀

1.1) You seem like a decent person and I like to have decent people's opinions on my timeline.
1.2) Witchcraft is cool by me so long as the practitioner doesn't rely on it as an excuse to not do more definite ways of helping people.
2) Not to my knowledge at this time, though it is possible I am a simulation of a human and have not yet detected this fact.
3) Not to my knowledge at this time, assuming I have interpreted the other questions correctly.


1) you are cool and I like you (and I like witches. I am one!)

2) I am not a bot

3) What? No! *suspicious eyes* look if I am a bot, I'm a friendly one?

1) you are friendly and I like the stuff you boost and post
1b) neutral
2) no
3) no

@eloisa So ...

1. We've chatted in the past, and I may yet take up your offer to talk in PT-PT. WRT witches ... "a people is a people" ... I deal with people as people.

2. No, I'm not a 'bot.

3. No, I didn't lie.

@eloisa you are so friendly and fuzzy and nice! I am a bit ambivalent about witches tbh. I am not a bot and I didn't lie 💚

1) witches are amazing and so are you and I hope to learn all of your secrets
2) I am not a bot that I am aware of, tho who knows, maybe they implanted all my memories ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
3) yes I love lying in bed, I wish I could do it all day!


My concerns abound
Is this, again, going round?
I would surely be pissed
If your post, I had missed.

There are no glitches
If it involves witches.
The best I have got
Is I'm not a bot.

And I shall surely cry
If you think that I'd lie!


1. She is cool and fun. Witches and I maintain an uneasy truce.

2. Not that I'm aware of 🤖

3. Not that I'm aware of... :artsweats:

Even if I am, unknowingly, a bot, I am definitely not a fash.

1. 💕

2. No.

3. Yes, I actually am a bot, albeit not a very well written one.

1. Cool plants and fun shit posts, and it'd be really hypocritical for us to have a problem with witches

2. nope

3. only to cops and authority figures

@eloisa Hi ...

1. I don't "stalk" Eloísa, I follow and read her toots. I deal with people as people, so "witchiness" doesn't really come into it.

2. I'm not a 'bot ... we've chatted, so you know that.

3. I did not lie.

Hope you're doing OK in this period between Solstice and Perihelion.

My mother was a witch, my sister is a witch (not really active), my first wife was/is a witch (on the dark side, I dare to say). The love of my life, my teacher and long-term partner was a witch (the whitest possible Buddhist one) and my current wife is certainly gifted (we are looking for a mentoress for her -- to no avail, so far). So, my feelings towards withes are mixed, mostly positive.

Not that I know about it.

If so, it wasn't my intention.

Greetings from Poland.

@petros wow. You're the first one to actually apply, as in, reply to this before requesting to follow! Thank you! :ablobcathappypaws:

Also, best of luck finding that mentor! 🤞🏻

(you can request to follow, btw)


1. I believe Eloísa is imminently stalkable. I am hereby bewitched.

2. As a wage worker, I must answer affirmatively.

3. I am Immanuel Kant.

Please consider my application.

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