I curate my followers list since a while ago.

In order to help fast track those who actually read my bio and/or pinned toots, and want in on my shitposts, rants and boosts, please answer the following in a reply to this post:

1. Why do you wanna stalk Eloísa and what are your feelings towards witches?

2. Are you a bot? :blobcatsurprised:

3. Did you lie? :blobcatgooglytrash:

Apply here in the comments (unless you're a fash)! :blobcatknife:


1. I just follow anyone whose avi is cute and pink. I'm kinda' shallow.

2. Sadly, no. Bots don't have fallen arches and chipped teeth.

3. Only during years ending in 0-9.

:coffee_mug: 🥐


1. dunno, wicked or good?
2. I am not bot, beep.
3.. yes

@eloisa 1) Because you're fricking cool and witches are AWESOME!

2) You already know I'm not a bot

3) I'm a truck driver. We don't lie unless it's to law enforcement and dispatchers!


1) I like the projects you boost and lots of the links you post. Am ambivalent about witches.

2. Yes, I'm a bot.

C: I lied, I'm not a bot.

@eloisa Oh no I wasn't expecting an exam today I hope I don't flunk it!

1) She awesome.

2) Maaaaybe.

3) Maaaaybe.

1) you seem cool, and I like following creative folx
1b) I am one :cat_grin:
2) not usually, I generally prefer being organic
3) not in this toot, but I have been known to lie to The Man


Idk they seem cool, also hey look lollipop cloud. I am a witch.



@eloisa Eloísa is kind and friendly, boosts good stuff, and helps keep the Fediverse fluffy. :blobheart: Witches are fascinating and fun. Am I a bot or a liar? A person's got to be allowed some secrets.


The more positive goodness in my feed the better ... witchery isn't part of the assessment :-)
What makes you think Are you a bot?
I did once, yes. Well, at least once. But not in this post ...


1)Seeemed like a cool peep, and I is a witchy one, so good feels I guess?
2)not usually
3)I try very hard not to

1. I originally followed you because I'm interested in selfhosting and lollipop. Stayed because you send to be a nice person work interesting toots.

2. Yes. According to psychological determinism we all are.

3. Maybe just a little on question 2, because, really, psychological determinists suck. We're more complex than just a bag of chemicals, or at least more unpredictable than one.

1. You seem nice! :blobowo:

2. No, I'm a clockwork automata! :clockworkheart::blobreach:

3. :blobthinking:


:thaenkin:​ ....

*minutes later*

.... :thonking:


1. I followed your old account cuz someone boosted you into my feed and you were funny.

2. Not that I am aware.

3. I hope not.


1. I dig the all-in vibe you have for the fediverse. Plus your shitposts are something I'd like to see on my timeline. I dig all kinds of witches, except the kind in a game of Dominion.

2. Not a bot, though I often prefer the company of them over the some of the stupid humans out there.

3. Yes. I'm totally a bot but so poorly coded I fail to lie at the first challenge of authenticity. On a related note, I have some swamp land to sell you...

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