:ablobcatrave: Get a chance to win a free Orange Pi + some goodies on a giveaway going on Fedi until 23:59 UTC of 03/03/2019!

🍭 Go to: ap.lollipopcloud.solutions/not

🍭 Hit the reply button & comment;

🍭 Wait 'till next week to know the results - announced on @cloud


🍭 ☁️ This giveaway brought to you by Lollipop Cloud Team (@cloud):

> The Lollipop Cloud project is an attempt to make hosting personal internet services such as a website, contact list, remote file storage, or a calendar more accessible to users through open source technology and ARM Computing. It allows for anyone with an ARM computer to host their own services.

🍭 ☁️ More about it at: lollipopcloud.solutions/

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