:ablobcatrave: Get a chance to win a free Orange Pi + some goodies on a giveaway going on Fedi until 23:59 UTC of 03/03/2019!

🍭 Go to:

🍭 Hit the reply button & comment;

🍭 Wait 'till next week to know the results - announced on @cloud

🍭 ☁️ This giveaway brought to you by Lollipop Cloud Team (@cloud):

> The Lollipop Cloud project is an attempt to make hosting personal internet services such as a website, contact list, remote file storage, or a calendar more accessible to users through open source technology and ARM Computing. It allows for anyone with an ARM computer to host their own services.

🍭 ☁️ More about it at:

@eloisa @cloud Do I have to register on that platform to reply? IN any event good luck with your promo!

@laraby @cloud no. You just need to reply to that post. It's federated with Mastodon too so you don't need to register anywhere!

@eloisa @cloud @laraby you can paste the link into the search bar in the upper left on mastoton and press enter

it'll show the post towards the bottom of the column allowing you to reply directly from mastodon
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