:blobsathy: You want a blog that federates (with ActivityPub)?

is the growing libre software project I recommend you use, try or at least keep a look on:

Help is welcome, too:

I tried to sign up, and it just got stuck on the same screen 😟 not even an error message.

@rick_777 there must be a bug. :c I'll try to know what's going on and I'll let you and everyone else know when it's back up! ^^;

@rick_777 ok, so, is giving me that error, but I just tried and succeeded into making an account at so you should be able to, too! :D

Cc: @gled

@eloisa Thanks! I just wrote my first blog entry! (check my profile for more info)

I'm curious what's the difference between Plume and WriteFreely, if you have heard of the latter?

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