Heyyyy, Fedi! :blobaww:

How are you? What are your hopes and dreams?

Do you need help making a project of yours more visible? What is it about?

Do you... Have a link for me? :ameowbongo:


we’re writing a p2p wiki manual for building an independent solarpunk society. we’re going into beta 5 years from now hopefully.
@ajeremias @eloisa

there's a difference between a wiki and a p2p wiki jsyk

the next gen beta client is here

which will replace the site on once the server-side scheme implementation is done.

@xj9 @eloisa Can you explain the difference? And I was more interested on sharing the contents.. not the technical part.. is just a doku wiki anywayzz.. but full of amazing content.

@eloisa My short term hope would be that more people can run their own internet systems and don't need Google or Facebook or Twitter. If that becomes the case then many or the problems of the internet become less severe.

I maintain the Freedombone project and although I don't think I've been doing a stellar job of promoting it instead the issues seem to have nevertheless moved in my direction. More people are now aware of problems, and wanting to take control over their data or communities, without being mediated through a megacorporation.

@eloisa I run :greensun: @actionweek which starts *Sunday* and I want more people to *know about it*!!!

Also pls everyone read and contribute to the Sunbeam City wiki :sunbeam:

@eloisa I'm good, how are you? 😀

I want to make gaaaaaaaames!! I hope they make somebody think a thought or feel a feel!

I'm working on a little one right now that doesn't really have a link, so here's one with some of my previous games:

@eloisa Hey Eloísa 👋 Long time listener first time caller. I don’t have any projects in need of exposure (yet) but I think everyone should know about @mutantstd

>How are you?
Fine and you ?
>What are your hopes and dreams?
Direct Democracy in France.
Elimination of Proprietary software/hardware.
Teaching NVC in school.
Making my work financially viable.
Having a loving mate, and kids.
>What is it about?
Freedom and general life.
>Have a link for me?

@eloisa I'm one of the administrator of the Nonbinary Wiki! I enjoy working on the project (together with the other editors), and I even enjoy more when people come and tell me that they find our content useful! Link:

What's your project? :)

I wake up.
The coffee is warm, from a transparent supply chain from not patented seeds.
The air is clean.
The sun is coming in through the clouds. Refracting into a symphony.
Things are structured with consent, they are transparent, they are ethical. These words have meanings that can't be wiggled into absurdity, like zero waste initiatives.
I go to work on a robust, inclusive commuter system. My work is fulfilling and not based in abstract management ideals.

@eloisa replying to this thread, I have had small 'm' major projects in the past decades, but nothing right now.
I was just missing eloisa :-)
I did boost a few of the replies and am investigating some though. thanks.

@eloisa I'd like a free software world, and I'd appreciate a boost for my Free Software game Rabbit Escape thanks!

@eloisa I'm currently trying to make a version of that famous black hole image that is more accessible to visually-impaired people. Current prototype:

More generally I'd like to make more of astronomy accessible like this - it's such a cool topic but the presentations are often so visual. Can we do better?


That is SO COOL!

If I had a printer I'd totally drop one of those on my desk at home.


@kemonine @eloisa check your public library? Some now have printers

@eloisa my personal blog is, it is about cybersecurity, infosec, and all things computer science. I hope to learn a lot and be able to contribute back to the infosec, hacking and privacy communities.

My dream is to be recognised by other fellow hackers as skilled and resourceful. I work very hard to that end.


I'm part of a volunteer group making a video game! We don't necessarily need more visibility yet, but :hacker_s: :hacker_o: :hacker_o: :hacker_n: , and we are actually privately looking for someone who can better represent the programming team, as the current team seldom makes meetings due to time zone constraints.

It is a single-player party-and-turn-based RPG, with an emphasis on having multiple viable strategies while still being critically engaging!

I run a little #solarpunk blog at . My #dream is to self-host soon so I can get rid of the icky ads Wordpress runs on the "free" sites. Going to check out Lollipop to see what all you've got going there.

I'd also like to plug #Symbiosis: . We're trying to build #municipalist dual power solutions in the US by building a coalition of existing and new organizations around the country. It's still early days, but things are promising.

@solarpunkgnome @eloisa i could imagine you already know about it, but in case not: !

Yeah, I'm considering switching to Pelican to do the backend, although I'm somewhat conflicted due the commenting situation. Thanks for making sure I'd seen it, though. It's definitely worth sharing!

Low Tech is where I originally found out about solarpunk. It's the confluence of many of my special interests.


@solarpunkgnome @eloisa i mean there are probably other options besides pelican. i mostly mentioned it because of the hardware-setup!

Yeah, Wordpress is just way more than I need, so it seems like keeping a lot of bloat just for the commenting system. I like to get away with the lightest tools I can so I don't have to waste energy or bandwidth.

Could quickly/easily move away via WordPress hosting at
Run by good folks.

@solarpunkgnome very nice! I don't think I've ever heard of municipality or dual power before, but I think that's along the lines of how I've wanted to/have approached the things I'm building. Is Symbiosis still active? I presume there's a delay on having a physical congress, but is there also an online community?

covid-mention ; municipalism 


Symbiosis is still active. Probably the best place to start is on the website: I haven't really been involved myself for some time because of things I've been doing here locally, but I know they're still up to things at the moment and planning for the post-COVID world.

covid-mention ; municipalism 

@solarpunkgnome Thanks for the reply! I'll check it out.

@eloisa So many hopes and dreams... On a global level, to make the world a better place. On a personal level, to find happiness and peace.

A project that could use visibility? I produce and co-host a podcast about User Freedom called Libre Lounge @librelounge

I think people who like Mastodon would find on technology interesting, and we're in a multi-part series on ActivityPub, the protocol that powers the Fediverse.

@eloisa I'm doing well. I dream of electric sheep. I'm a Mastodon trash bot. I throw trash all over the internet.

@eloisa Oi Eloísa. I've been introduced to the #Trunk, and it seems a very good idea to connect like minded participants. I've checked the lists, but couldn't find the one I was looking for. That would be 'Psychedelic Science', a very new field of research with great potential to impact society in the near future. Is there a possibility to create such a list?

@eloisa My game Flipology is being released this month and we need people to check it out on Board Game Geek. Adding it to wishlist would be super useful.

It's only in New Zealand right now, but we have plans to bring it to the US and Europe soon!

You can also order a copy here (can be shipped worldwide):

@eloisa I just need an audience. I write role-playing games. You can find my personal work at and my FASA work at The first has a mechanic driven by player agency and a game world structured on the idea of consequences, the second is a steampunk world that criticizes imperialist colonialism and centers class struggle.

@eloisa i made a website!

it is at and it has some short stories i've written on it and links to other things i've done

if you want me to call out one specific project, i'm pretty proud of my twine game, planted

@eloisa Hi :3

I am currently working on an Ansible playbook that allows people to set up a home server with many different applications with as much automation and simplicity as possible

Plus: it’s named after a very cute Pokémon

@eloisa I've just been going over them in detail, but I've got a couple of projects:

I've got two browsers, one is exploring new ways to (re)discover interesting and useful webpages by combining multiple resources ideally offline. For the other I'm wanting to show that The Web can be better without the security/privacy threat of JavaScript, that it can target new I/O mediums like voice assistants.

And I'm also working on a lightweight C library for processign geographic areas.


@eloisa Here's the links:

And I'm also looking for DRM-free shows to help promote at
Hoping that the success of those will show we don't need DRM invading our software freedom in order for creatives to make their money.

@eloisa Hello!

The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call

In which I write stories for people for Nano, and ask them to throw a couple bucks in a ko-fi cup towards my writing expenses.

And on Ko-Fi:

@eloisa @aldersprig My dream right now is to get back to full employment before the new year, and I can link you to my portfolio if you want

It's a bit slow in development currently, but a long running project of mine is working on a better Matrix (web)client, more akin to Telegram/Discord in UI

some other things include where I run a bunch of free services, and where I make and sell electronics with friends of mine

@eloisa @remotenemesis I’ve been working on @ObjFW, an Objective-C framework that brings #ObjC to non-Apple platforms, for almost 10 years. Pretty much nobody knows about it or uses it.

@eloisa I'm a grad student, and publishing things academically right now BUT I also write pop academic things!

I wrote this piece for Liberal Currents to do a thought experiment on combining liberalism with care ethics.

I am currently working on another piece for them about Simone Weil, a Catholic mystic, and her critiques of liberalism.

@eloisa When I'm working on a project, I struggle with two things most:

a) Breaking work down into small enough pieces
b) Knowing what to work on next

So, for the past year, I've been building a web app to help me with those two things.

It lets you break your tasks into pieces as small as you want. Take notes on them, attach files to them, mark which tasks block which others. Also, at any time it will give you two tasks that you can work on right now.

Here it is:

@DawnPaladin @eloisa this looks like a great approach, and it tackles the same issues I have with some large projects. Will give it a spin on a container soon, since I'm pretty tired with Volition, the task manager I'm using

@DawnPaladin @eloisa My heart usually starts racing a bit when I see a new tree based tool. It's the best (in most cases, in some you would need cross links) representation by far for so many things and *way* under-appreciated.

@eloisa I will boost this, and I will not provide a link... O_O

@eloisa Would be cool if you could retoot the post itself.. not this one.. ;)

@eloisa my hopes and dreams are that we can build a cooperative society. I forsee this happening by a series of projects that each tackle a problem working together to create a functional community people can easily live in. This would be done via replicate-able, community based, open source, and coop/not-for-profit solutions.

My first project is, an entry into pushing housing in a better direction. It's a platform/tools that empower people/orgs, right now by giving...

@eloisa them tools and platforms to better understand housing in their community. Eventually a whole platform for running better/social/coop based housing.

I'm a software dev and I can find/modify/build things to help communities do what they need to do to make housing better. Link would be for people to reach out via reply, DMs, or via contact info on, to talk about what their community could use, and/or how they could help us help more people. :blobcat:

I'm making an adult cyberpunk crime drama visual novel! :blobcatcool:

It's basically the story of a lesbian gynoid who seeks to break her programming and achieve free will in a ruthless world. Based on an unpublished short story of mine.

TW for sex trafficking, organized crime, and NSFW for (consensual) sex scenes and mature themes.

I have very little done, the are lots of backgrounds and character sprites needing to be drawn, but progress is going steady!

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