Heyyyy, Fedi! :blobaww:

How are you? What are your hopes and dreams?

Do you need help making a project of yours more visible? What is it about?

Do you... Have a link for me? :ameowbongo:

I like how at least 3 people who have projects just boosted this and didn't gave their links, so other people may have the spotlight, or out of being shy, maybe?

Come on, fedi! I wanna boost YOU!

But make my life easier, plz. I'm mobile-only right now. :blob_grinning_sweat:

Gimme your links! :allthethings:

Mmm I can see myself as one of those people who boost this without sharing my project lul. That is because my project is precisely to work on my personal web page for you to link.

@eloisa Well! @phoe, myself, and others have a project called Gateway, but it's in the early alpha stages and definitely not a thing people can experiment with at the moment. It'd basically be a federated game once complete.


I myself draw and draw stuff for people in exchange for money! Mostly furry things, aliens, and so forth. Anyone interested can DM me for examples, and check out my site!


@eloisa @eloisa While I could benefit from more visibility, I feel like I'm already far more visible than most people.

"Take only what you need" resonates strongly with me, and in a world where everybody has limited time and attention, I feel like it's selfish for me to gobble that up when others are more hungry.


@Cheeseness awwwh, that's such a positive outlook (motto?) in life. I'm glad it is so for ya.

If anything changes, please do come back to me and I'll boost ya/your projects. :blobheart:

@eloisa I'll probably have a trailer/release date for Hive Time soon. I'll make note to ping you then ^_^


we’re writing a p2p wiki manual for building an independent solarpunk society. we’re going into beta 5 years from now hopefully.

@xj9 This is fascinating! I've been wondering: what about specialized medical care?


that’s something of an open question. the best answer i have is that the founder team for any walkaway settlement will need to have some very qualified people in it.

healthcare is hard because it is so expensive. we have some ideas for making money cooperatively so we can have access to goods/services that we can’t yet do ourselves. which brings up the point that we are more about autonomy than anything else. the goal is to build a system that is owned and operated by the people that live in it. markets are still very much in play until we have the economic base to move on to whatever the next thing is.

@xj9 I'm sleepy and will reply later, but just wanted to say that I'd love to see full autonomy, medical care included otherwise we're still in need of *them*. ^^;

@eloisa Hi you seem like a good person so let's talk serious ;) I run a small non-profit called and I would like more people to become members so that I can do more stuff for them. I already have a diaspora, mastodon. But I want more! Let's do it!

@tursiops heyyyy, is it all hosted on 🇨🇭?

And when will it wallabag and rss be a thing?

There's plenty of offers for fedi communications platforms, but those two grabbed my attention.

Wish you started with those, and email... :blob_grinning_sweat:

@eloisa Hi yeah they are 100% Switzerland hosted including backups and everything. I will make the two available once I get enough money to break even, at the moment I'm only 27% there hosting all of that costs a lot and I don't want to bankrupt myself.

@eloisa @tursiops I'm glad you asked! *Did you know*, that if you webfinger someone on a mainline mastodon instance, there's an Atom feed hidden under rel="" at "https://${instance}/users/${user}.atom" ?

@falkreon @tursiops ooooh! This feels like something I should read in the morning. I'm too sleepy for it to "click" just right for me, right now. :blobpats:

@eloisa @falkreon @tursiops yeah, you can get raw feeds by appending extensions to mastodon links. .rss gives you an RSS feed, .atom gives you the OStatus feed, .json gives you the ActivityPub document.

@trwnh oh, neat! I found the user atom from webfinger queries, had no idea this was a universal thing

@eloisa My short term hope would be that more people can run their own internet systems and don't need Google or Facebook or Twitter. If that becomes the case then many or the problems of the internet become less severe.

I maintain the Freedombone project and although I don't think I've been doing a stellar job of promoting it instead the issues seem to have nevertheless moved in my direction. More people are now aware of problems, and wanting to take control over their data or communities, without being mediated through a megacorporation.

@bob Hi, Bob! :ablobsmile:

I'm with @cloud on that hope, especially on the self-hosting side.

I do think that you make a good job regarding freedombone awareness. It's one of the things I first heard of when I joined fedi! :blobcatflower:

@N4vn33t your blog shows that weird rotating thing on load which doesn't go away (i guess requires js?). why would you keep that?

@N4vn33t your blog shows that weird rotating thing on load which doesn't go away (i guess requires js?). why would you keep that?

I had to remove 4 elements to make it readable, just remove it doesn't look cool and is not useful at all.

@notopygos my blog is hosted on GitHub! Can you send me the pull request? I will remove it, if it's detrimental to user experience.

@eloisa I run :greensun: @actionweek which starts *Sunday* and I want more people to *know about it*!!!

Also pls everyone read and contribute to the Sunbeam City wiki :sunbeam:

@ELJ1 neat! :blobaww:

What's your site's platform? It looks nice!

I used squarespace! It's pretty heavy and slow to load tho, so I'm poking around for alternatives.

@ELJ1 oh! And it's also a full package, right? You can't self-host. Can you?

Nah, I can't self host, which is fine because I wouldn't really want to or even know how. I just wish the guts of the site were more slimmed down and efficient, make it more accessable for people who might be in rural or remote areas or have worse connections

@eloisa I'm good, how are you? 😀

I want to make gaaaaaaaames!! I hope they make somebody think a thought or feel a feel!

I'm working on a little one right now that doesn't really have a link, so here's one with some of my previous games:

@eloisa Hey Eloísa 👋 Long time listener first time caller. I don’t have any projects in need of exposure (yet) but I think everyone should know about @mutantstd

>How are you?
Fine and you ?
>What are your hopes and dreams?
Direct Democracy in France.
Elimination of Proprietary software/hardware.
Teaching NVC in school.
Making my work financially viable.
Having a loving mate, and kids.
>What is it about?
Freedom and general life.
>Have a link for me?

@mangeurdenuage I'm going to check NVC out! Got me curious!

A lot of the other stuff I already knew about. ^_^


@eloisa I'm one of the administrator of the Nonbinary Wiki! I enjoy working on the project (together with the other editors), and I even enjoy more when people come and tell me that they find our content useful! Link:

What's your project? :)

@Ondo well, I have many projects at the moment, but I guess if I had to pick one I'd tell you about @cloud and its ongoing giveaway, at: :blobaww:

The Lollipop Cloud project is an attempt to make hosting personal internet services such as a website, contact list, remote file storage, or a calendar more accessible to users through open source technology and ARM Computing. It allows for anyone with an ARM computer to host their own services.


@eloisa Is this still open? I have Many Projects I can toot at you if so, most of which I'm continually desperately hoping other people will ever show an interest in!

@eloisa OK, project pile!

Project 1, I'm slowly writing a webcomic and I would be very happy if more people read it! It's a comedy-fantasy adventuring comic with a style that heavily homages Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick, but with a setting that goes deep into world/comparative mythology, and especially the history and culture of Georgia and the Caucasus.

It's called Mountain Leopards and is here:

@eloisa Project 2, I help run (I do must of the running of) Exilian which is a nice little old forum run as a democratic collective for doing creative geeky stuff and we have an articles section that is continually in want of people to talk about the cool things they're doing so I would be super happy if anyone wanted to read any of our big pile of articles:

Or even cooler, check the guidelines and submit something:

@eloisa Project 3, I'm making a bizarre RPG, called The Exile Princes, set in a fantasy world based on medieval manuscript images. It's low-tech, with tile maps and a text log, but it does have a very in depth world generated every time you play, right down to the different taverns in each city, and also includes wibulnibs, enby NPCs, lots of quests, and Battle Chickens.

I am very much in want of testers for this, struggling to find anyone so interested people please message me for a copy :)

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