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:blobsathy: I’m a 32 cane user with and mobility issues, GAD, Depression, Chronic Pain & Fatigue. I talk about it & my life.

I create & .

I'm a Mod at and one of the admins, among other stuff. I'm still learning how to say no to cool projects. :blobpats:

:blobpeek: You can find me in many places, here's just a few:

@TheVoid ("teenage void" persona)

@eloisa & (pics or all lies!)

@eloisa it seems like canes all look pretty classic, but i have this cyberpunk A E S T H E T I C and brand to maintain. any suggestions of where to look?

@approachingutopia you could buy one of those metallic ones (I prefer the foldable ones - as they unfold when they're released from the plastic that binds them put, it does give quite the show) in a copper-like color (or even just the usual grey or black) and use spray paint (pick your paint wisely, the chalky type is better), stickers, whatever you fancy, to decorate it yourself to your cybre heart's desire.

@approachingutopia I have stickers on my more sturdy one, and plans to paint the foldable and then have custom designs on it with the help of an illustrator friend. :blobblush:

@approachingutopia you're welcome! ^_^

Also, I don't buy much online, but I was told had some cool stuff. I took a look and the transparent ones could also help you with the effect you're going after.

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