"OMG! It's again! Quick, to the mobile!" Edition:

:blobaww: is an open, federated & free platform alternative for your blog!
You can host your own, or register at: fediverse.blog/ among others!

:blobnomcookie: is about cheap, easy & self-hosted clouds for all. Know more at: lollipopcloud.solutions/ & @cloud

:blobsathy: allows you to follow tributes (ok, lots of people!) in order to get started on Fediverse: communitywiki.org/trunk

@eloisa Didn't know about any of those.

Specially can be pretty useful for new people if it grows. Are the people being added to the lists moderated or anyone can add themselves?

@hugo That's the idea @kensanata had!

If you click the "added to a list" link you'll be sent to a request page where you put your account name, check your cats, then click add me and it'll send you to Mastodon to a random admin that'll get the msg and add you.

I'm one of them, so if you want me to add you there just let me know where you wanna be! :blobsathy:

So, it's moderated - no automation because bots et al, and it's also volunteer. People need to ask to be there - consent matters!


@hugo did you give auth first? I didn't quite walk you through it all step by step. xD

it's the first time I'm seeing an error with my name in the url. It shouldn't. Wtf? Alex, is it known or a new bug?


@eloisa @kensanata maybe is because I have 2 tabs open with different instances?

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