Hall of shame / re: GDPR - just asked for my govt ID in order to comply with and delete any data they may have of me (when I shouldn't even be asking for it in the first place if they were really complying).

Biggest wtf of all the replies I got so far to my removal requests.

So... They want something they never had. My face and full name. Why? Up yours, doodle!

Hall of shame / re: GDPR -, cursing 

My full name IS a contact information.

With my FULL name (first and last is not "full name", here) you can get to my fucking door step if you wanted to (because it's so fucking unique, thanks, mom!)!

It's why I never used it online. Plus, asking for a scan of a govt ID in Portugal is illegal, now, as per portuguese law.

They're prolly in a loop-hole though, I don't know. But there's always a fucking loop-hole. I'm angry. 😡

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Hall of shame / re: GDPR - 

@eloisa have you tried to repport it to your local authority, like the ICO for the UK?

Hall of shame / re: GDPR - 

@eloisa they need to verify that you're actually the person you claim to be. But they go about this completely backwards. They should just verify you by something they actually have (often an email address or from within a logged-in account).

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