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is the hashtag I'm using for my posts about what I'm doing with my/to my dear plants. I'll also use it to ask questions, post photos, etc. of my plants.

As a noob in these matters I often felt the need for a community where I could show my plants as they are rn without feeling shame for how they are, but also wanted tips on how to get them better. I still do.

That's what I want to be one day!

You are welcome to join! :ablobcatrave:

Keep it 🌿!

Toot fixado

Hey, there!

If you're curious, you can hear my voice and how I pronounce my name at:

Thanks to
@trwnh, who is awesome and kind, for it! :blobaww:

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I curate my followers list since a while ago.

In order to help fast track those who actually read my bio and/or pinned toots, and want in on my shitposts, rants and boosts, please answer the following in a reply to this post:

1. Why do you wanna stalk Eloísa and what are your feelings towards witches?

2. Are you a bot? :blobcatsurprised:

3. Did you lie? :blobcatgooglytrash:

Apply here in the comments (unless you're a fash)! :blobcatknife:

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Heyyyy, Fedi! :blobaww:

How are you? What are your hopes and dreams?

Do you need help making a project of yours more visible? What is it about?

Do you... Have a link for me? :ameowbongo:

Toot fixado

Can I have suggestions/links of CC music from artists that happen to also be on fedi, please and thank you? :blobaww:


:boost_requested:Help disabled fam have a great halloween (and wear pants!) 

our disabled fam has been incomeless for 5 months. Halloween is our favorite day! Help us have a nice dinner this 31st 🎃

And... I have 1 pair of pants right now, and it's already hitting subzero temps here... Going to a thrift store soon, and want help to get at least 1 more pair

boosts & even tiny donations are appreciated/helpful!!!

#transCrowdfund #disabilityCrowdfund #mutualAid
(see next toot for paymenty things)

Forgot the word "tone" so instead i said "i don't like the way your voice is looking at me"

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


i need $35 for my phone bill, $60 for groceries, and $80 for medical weed ($175 total)

i've been trying to do freelance video editing and/or find a job as a video editor, i can't work anywhere facing the public because i have asthma and catching covid is a major health risk for me




thank you so much for saving my life multiple times and continuing to keep me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

Urgent: help with storage 

I'm a trans #ActuallyAutistic person with white privilege who broke their ankle and is out of work/ineligible for unemployment. Storage is $215 and due before the 19th. Can you help?

Anything helps, including boosts.

Please help a black, indigenous, or otherwise racially marginalized person first.

#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid @mutual_aid

Suicide Awareness 

The text is called Mom, don’t read this. And if you do don't cry.

Because there is darkness ahead, this text has the Content Warning: Suicide, Suicidal Ideation, Emotional Dysregulation, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria.

It is okay to not read this text. If you do venture ahead, know that this text is raw and painful with a glimmer of hope splashed in, and some resources at the very end
(This is a friendlink and you should be able to read it no matter what)

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SFFBookClub October poll 

For this month I've been a little selfish, so instead of asking for nominations I've added two books that my brother sent me for my last birthday and I haven't got around to reading yet. I know next to nothing about either, though Blindsight does appear to be CC-licenced and downloadable from the author's site at

Anyway, the poll is at and please vote! #SFFBookClub

It’s that wonderful time of year where you get free online talks about inclusive design for a whole 24 hours courtesy of Inclusive Design 24.

In two days: 23rd September, don’t miss out!

uni shooting is mentioned but it's a news article about a professor 

university professor insisted that shooter with a gun is not a cause to stop the lecture on literature, students should continue writing (on the floor, hiding under the tables) and this will be on exam. He brushed off someone's mom, then the dean and stopped only when russian SWAT knocked at the doors.

(article in ru)

Money, school, medical, negative; advice and boosts welcome 

Already I was in financial trouble from the start of the semester: I'm on "maximum time frame suspension" for my academic program and didn't qualify for student loans as a result, so I can only afford this month's rent and bills.

Meanwhile I'm going to need mobility aids that I doubt insurance will pay for, as I've a badly broken ankle.

Suggestions on how/where to raise funds to cover these costs, including 3 months' rent? @mutualaid

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 

still need help with this please

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

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I am now accepting applications for pro bono work. If you are a person or organisation (registered or not) that is or works with/for marginalised identities, especially LGBTQ+, or black/anti-racist activism please get in contact with me. I cannot guarantee I have the expertise or time to help you, but you're always welcome to reach out so we can work something out together, even if you're not sure. See rest of the thread for things I might be able to help with: #probono #charity #software

I've reached out to a few of you individually, but maybe I should broadcast it a bit further.

The Engineering org at Moz is hiring (like crazy!) - if you're a software developer / engineer / infrastructure / ops / manager / anything - then we should chat!

I'd be thrilled to tell you why I love working at Moz and see if we have a position that might be exciting for you.

Also - don't be dismayed by the US/CA requirement. If you're in the UK / EU / LATAM let me know!

Could you plz help me out with my health? 

Hi, fedi!

It's that time of the month again! :gonk:

I need 60 for my ADHD meds, 15 for my anti-depressive + 50 to manage a bunch of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

I also need physiotherapy for my back & knee, which are really bad. Each session is 30€.

If you could chip in, it'd be very welcome & appreciated! Any cent counts! :ablobcathappypaws:

Thank you so much for helping! :blobcatheart:



Req help with physio 

Each session costs 30€ at home, which is cheaper than getting it outside, because there's no expenses with transportation, so there's that, but I still can't afford them.

IF you can help, I'd be very grateful for anything you'd be willing to send my way. Every euro helps!

Boosts are very welcome, too! :blobcatheart:



Thank you very much for your help and for spreading the word, Fedi! :blobcatlove:

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Req help with physio 

I need physiotherapy again, which I haven't been having because I've been out of funds for them, and I've also been concentrating on asking for help with my decaying mental health instead.

Now that I have these pain levels again on excruciating levels I need help to get some physio sessions again, tho.

At home, because I'm still waiting to be called for my turn on the public (SNS) and also because due to my MS treatment I'm very high-risk for covid.

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Req help with physio 

Hi, there!

In case you don't know me, I'm a disabled queer autistic ADHDer with Multiple Sclerosis and chronic pain, among other stuff (and this is reaaaally putting it shortly).

My back pain has been acting up more these last days, and now so are my knees, which I had been boasting that they've been okay for the last few weeks, but no, not now... they're hurting like hell again. :\

They never stopped hurting, really, but before I could just... take it, you know? :_catsad:

Pretty please, before requesting to follow me, if we never interacted a bunch before, send me a DM telling me why you wanna follow me, because otherwise I'll be taking a long long time to get back to that request, since I like to check out who exactly wants to follow me and why. :_catsleep:

Mostly out of fatigue and backlog, as I usually can do that check up fast, but I also let it accumulate, so... Yeah, just lemme know, will ya? :blobcatpeek:

Thanks! :blobcatflower:

Recently, and this is what I think is finally doing the trick, I repotted it and I spray it once a week with a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water (Google about it and you'll find info about that trick, it's also useful against the damn fungus gnats and other issues!).

I also use that mix for a mildew issue I'm having with a bromeliad my mom gave me that is in isolation rn in another part of the house.

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So, this is my Monstera, everyone!

It's been a headache lately, taking care of her, because I found out she has brown spot. It prolly came with it from the nursery and it only came 'out' visible when the hot weather arrived. *sigh*

I've been trying to deal with it with DIY natural remedies at home and so far it's not spreading much, so I think it's working! Now, which of the methods? I dunno, I'm working on several fronts at the same time! :ablobcathappypaws:

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