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Heya! Besides here, you can find me at:

:blobsathy: @TheVoid (with my alt/ creative "teenage void" persona)

📚 @eloisa (with my writings)

:blobcatcamera: pixelfed.social/eloisa (with my photos)

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I’m a 32 cane user w/ . I have mobility issues, GAD, Depression, Chronic Pain & Fatigue.

Also: ; , & . No preferred pronouns.

I deal with , Social Media & have a WIP /audio-drama.

💜 tattoos & piercings.

🇵🇹 & 🇫🇷 are my native languages, but I mostly toot in English.

I can understand a bit of Italian and most Spanish dialects + a tiny bit of Korean, due to my addiction to K-dramas.

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Imagine two people telling you about keywords: a librarian and an SEO consultant.

One will tell you that knowledge can be structured for easy retrieval, and should therefore be prepared in a way that assists in future humans finding what they *need*.

The other will tell you it is a useless field of metadata, but if you insist on using it here are the ways to game "the system"...

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Pros and Cons of having yet another federated micro-blogging alternative, this time Medium-like, which would prolly blur the lines between micro and blogging?

Go, Fediverse, go! :blobstickred:

- I'm seriously interested in knowing what you think about it, don't let the blob fool ya!

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There was a q on here recently about #plume that was basically "why do we need a federated bog site?"

The reason is that long-form writing is an investment and needs the social component to thrive. We had that with RSS/comments, but Twitter and Facebook killed those.

A federated blog platform would mean: more hosts for users to choose from. Easy feedback loop via mastodon, pleroma, etc.

I'm tired of maintaining my blog, but I would be very interested in porting the content to #plume.

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Ok, let me see if I got this right.

Mike Cole is like the duct tape of this corner of the fediverse.

Is that it? Or some kind of Chuck Norris meets MacGyver? :bloblul:

My dad wants to set up a static html site. Any advice for him? Should he just use squarespace,or is there something else you'd recommend?

what naming scheme do you use for your computers (if any)?

(boost so more people can answer)

The JURI committee approves the entire directive, and the negotiating mandate. But this battle has only just begun. You can still fight back against the #linktax and #censorshipmachine. Tell your MEP to vote against them in Parliament later this year and #saveyourinternet.

sauce: twitter.com/EFFLive/status/100

There are 2 main rivaling programs to handle your scientific references. One is free/libre software (#Zotero), the other is not (#Mendeley). Guess which one you should use?

Hint: if you use the closed source one, it will encrypt your article-database and not give you the possibility to decrypt and export it.


Some Kickstarter campaigns grab my attention. Usually, they involve music, comics or indie animation. Mostly, I contribute only when I am really moved by the concept. I'm a picky supporter. The one that caught my eye this morning is called Little Heroes Comic Charity. You donate to support their comic anthology and they send one of their cool Comic-Making Kits to a sick child in a hospital in the UK. So, yeah, I pitched in. Maybe making comics will brighten someone's day. #smallstories

2017: Youtube AI demonetizes LGBT videos
2018: Youtube AI takes down unmonetized videos
2020: The entire Youtube department gets put off. None of the former employees reply to phone calls or appear in public.
2034: Youtube AI sends a terminator back in time to kill John Connor

Update: #PeerTube instances can now federate with video.blender.org! Just confirmed that it's working now. 😁


If you want to read "River of Teef" (yes, I'm serious, I can't help but type it that way) but can't afford it, DM me. We don't have enough in the Liberapay account yet to cover a full book (you should donate, though!: en.liberapay.com/Mastodon_SFFB) #sffbookclub

The #sffbookclub July selection is *The River of Teeth*, a novella/short novel by Sarah Gailey. sarahgailey.com/

If you want to read this with us and cannot find an affordable way to access it, DM me. We have a little bit of crowdfunding accrued.

If you have been thinking of contributing to the fundraising, every bit helps. The #LiberaPay is at en.liberapay.com/Mastodon_SFFB

#books #reading #SarahGailey