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Heyyyy, Fedi! :blobaww:

How are you? What are your hopes and dreams?

Do you need help making a project of yours more visible? What is it about?

Do you... Have a link for me? :ameowbongo:

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Can I have suggestions/links of CC music from artists that happen to also be on fedi, please and thank you? :blobaww:


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If you're curious about how my name is pronounced and/or how my voice sounds like here you go: :blobsathy:

* still a WIP, but now way more presentable thanks to the help of @trwnh :blobblush:

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Hi! It's /#Reintroductions time again!

I create & ;

🍭 ☁️ Manage @cloud's Community;

:blobcatbusiness: Mod at @eloisa & @eloisa + am one of 's Admins among other stuff!

:blobcatcamera: Will show you pix or all lies, at: @eloisa &

Got 🤖? I do: @eloisa_ebooks

:ko_fi: (my tip jar)

Got a "teenage void" persona @TheVoid trying to make a zine with you, Fediversians!

:xmpp: XMPP? DM me!

They/She |

Gab; Nazis; blocking people; suicide mention 

Put enough thought into your burner identities’ memetics that when the fragments are assembled by some imagined investigator, the strange mosaic leads ineluctably the realization that you were a Hannah Barbera cartoon all along.

I need help with health bills 

You know what? I'm going to make a call out.

Anyone that wants video editing done, I'm willing to do it.

Be it a Let's play, instructional, a vlog ect. I am willing and able to edit it to how you wish.

Let's talk, I'm more than willing to listen to requests, criticism and suggestions.

I have used Da Vinci Resolve, Hitfilm Express and Adobe Premiere.

I don't have amazingly deep knowledge of the programs, but I am capable of putting in the effort to get what you want.

DM me.

Boost pls.

Really sad tonight, Fedi - a rant. 

A picture of me, taken by @eloisa when I was visiting her last month. I kind of like how I look on this one!

You can start your own Mastodon instance even if you're not a techy person by using a managed hosting service like

They do all the technical stuff like installation, upgrades, server maintenance etc behind the scenes. You own the actual instance, and control what happens on it.

You can follow them at:


#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips

Hello, world!

This is the first toot from an official account for #Glimpse, a new fork of the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Follow me for updates on this cool new project.

I loved reading the whole post at but these bits are so, so good I can't help myself but to sort of "underline" them here:

"What Gamma failed to realize is just how much the walled garden of legacy social media coddled him.


It’s a harsh reality for Gamma to face. The only reason his opinions seemed clever was because he is so privileged no one was around to tell him they were wrong.


“when you’re used to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” That’s all that’s happening here: Gamma can tell he’s lost something, but he doesn’t recognize that it’s a loss of privilege, not a loss of equality.


So, he returns back to the legacy social media, into his walled garden, where he might be mediocre and invisible, but at least he’s right."

~ written by @emsenn

Hey y'all, I took the time to write up my techbro's journey through the Fediverse in a more verbose format, that puts my arguments together in a bit more linear and rational order.

Meet Gamma. Gamma dislikes advertisement-funded social media, so comes to the Fediverse. But without the systemic bias, he finds his opinions harshly criticized. This makes him uncomfortable.

Why, and what happens next?

if you don't feel like your masto experience is going so well & you're on a big lobby server like
try moving to a smaller community
small communities are usually gonna be comfier & have stronger moderation than big lobby servers


Bad things to do when you're low on spoons 

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