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Heyyyy, Fedi! :blobaww:

How are you? What are your hopes and dreams?

Do you need help making a project of yours more visible? What is it about?

Do you... Have a link for me? :ameowbongo:

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Can I have suggestions/links of CC music from artists that happen to also be on fedi, please and thank you? :blobaww:


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If you're curious about how my name is pronounced and/or how my voice sounds like here you go: :blobsathy:

* still a WIP, but now way more presentable thanks to the help of @trwnh :blobblush:

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Hi! It's /#Reintroductions time again!

I create & ;

🍭 ☁️ Manage @cloud's Community;

:blobcatbusiness: Mod at @eloisa & @eloisa + am one of 's Admins among other stuff!

:blobcatcamera: Will show you pix or all lies, at: @eloisa &

Got 🤖? I do: @eloisa_ebooks

:ko_fi: (my tip jar)

Got a "teenage void" persona @TheVoid trying to make a zine with you, Fediversians!

:xmpp: XMPP? DM me!

They/She |

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Hello from the internet basement 👽 Pls tune in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with me on ! Coming up in about 10 minutes ... just right after DJ hardmous! 🤖

here's how to tune in:

(this artwork courtesy of DJ @hardmous !!)

A neural network that puts googly-eyes on everything

💚 here's 40+ PDFs for coping skills, challenging thoughts, managing anger, managing distress, identifying and rating feelings, relaxation, sleep hygiene, and therapist materials :blobheartcat:

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my AS2 stream importer should be ready for MR this week. that provides the ability to back up a Pleroma instance the right way, as well as restore a backup. it also allows for migration to and from Pleroma.

Hey Fedi!

@blodeuwedd and I have accumulated a few too many (used, open and probably complete) board games, so we're going to try giving one away per month until we've made some space.

Perhaps you would like to receive and enjoy a game? Or do you have a local good cause that is ready to accept and use a donated game on-site?

Publicly send us your best reason why we should send you a game, and we'll select our favorite at the end of the month. The game will be shipped by the cheapest methods known to humanity unless the recipient wishes to make alternate arrangements.

It would be really cool if the recipient posted a picture of enjoying the game with friends, their polycule, or prison board game club, crime gang, whatever (not judging).

Sound good?

#GiveTheGameAway 🎲

Boosts welcome. The first game is coming right up!

Would anyone on here who reads braille mind giving me a little advice? I don't, but I'd like to make tactile visualizations of things like the black hole picture and want the labels to be intelligible. Thanks! Boosts welcome.
#braille #blind

Prototype number two: added text for the benefit of sighted folks as well.

I gave a couple of these to the lady who wore the black hole dress at the press conference. She's going to use them as props in a grant presentation, and I hope she'll have some suggestions.

Okay she did suggest making it bigger so you could use it as a cup holder but I hope she'll have some *other* suggestions.

@eloisa I'm currently trying to make a version of that famous black hole image that is more accessible to visually-impaired people. Current prototype:

More generally I'd like to make more of astronomy accessible like this - it's such a cool topic but the presentations are often so visual. Can we do better?

@eloisa my personal blog is, it is about cybersecurity, infosec, and all things computer science. I hope to learn a lot and be able to contribute back to the infosec, hacking and privacy communities.

My dream is to be recognised by other fellow hackers as skilled and resourceful. I work very hard to that end.

okay, this one's really loud for the folks in the nosebleed seats!

IF you CAN, PLEASE add image descriptions!
IF you have accessibility needs that make it difficult/impossible,
OR you are using technology that makes it difficult/impossible,
OR you just don't have the damn spoons for it today,
OR you just plain forgot,
* * * DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!!* * *

the *problem* is the many, many people who do *not* fall into any of the "however" categories who are *not* using the image descriptions, and this makes a lot of images posted to Mastodon useless for people with accessibility needs. if you fall into any of the "however" categories, IT'S OKAY! I promise! folks get frustrated about the lack of descriptions and yell generally, but if you're in the "however" section, they're not yelling at you! okay? be good to each other! use image descriptions *if you can*! if not, don't worry! 💚 💚 💚

Floating above the ancient city. #mermay #mermayChallenge

I quite enjoyed painting this one. Wanted to do a piece like that for ages but didn't know where to start and how to proceed. I figured I would just work in layers, back to front, and I like how it turned out!

Picture shows an underwater city in muted colors, high towers and lights suggesting an advanced civilization. A mermaid is floating on the left, looking down.

Eight. #mermay #mermaychallenge
Is it a jelly fish? Is it an octopus? I don't know, but it glows! 🌟
#digitalart #digitalpainting #octopus

Picture shows an underwater creature from above, illuminated harshly from below: Its body glows bright white.

if you like using OCRbot to caption images but also wish you could manually clean up the output yourself, consider bypassing the "bot" layer and just use tesseract, the OCR engine powering the bot, directly. you can download it for free to use on your computer, or you can even use it online here:

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Introducing Queer Cats, now with more queer and more GitHub.

There are now fifteen different queer cats (including the basic yellow one) :queercat_pride:. Please feel free to request new ones!

New shapes will be added once the bases for those is drawn.

To make all of this a bit easier for everyone I’ve added them to a GitHub repository: Releases are posted as zip-files here:

Please enjoy :queercat:

Madrid-based artist Alicia Martin, known for transforming thousands of disused books into sculptures #womensart

Californian artist Cheryl Sorg finds texts from her subject's favourite books, book quotes, song lyrics, films etc and weaves them into an image of their actual fingerprint #womensart

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