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O European Data Protection Board anunciou uma acção conjunta com as autoridade de protecção de dados alemãs de forma a verificar o cumprimento do Acórdão Schrems II.
Por cá, ataca-se a CNPD quando faz o mesmo (e muitas vezes tarde).

I had set myself to do daily Shoebot sketches more than a month ago, and silently lost the pace a few days into it. I'm still bummed that I didn't make it, but there was a decent reason.

I've been rather active around covid contact tracing apps, doing media outreach and general activism as part of the PT digital rights group (@d3). After months of hard work (and confirmation of failure scenarios), we got a grant from a European NGO to write a report about the portuguese corona tracing app experiment.

So I switched my evenings from Shoebot dabbling to investigative mode, sourcing hundreds of news to establish a timeline, gathering data and making charts. The report was delivered but we're energised enough to adapt it into a format aimed at a Portuguese audience -- lawmakers, media and concerned citizens.

As a way to kind of redeem myself from setting Shoebot aside, I'm using it to make the visualizations for the report. And now I have loads of plans to build a plugin for Shoebot to provide easy ways to visualise datasets -- the Python coding style is bliss for me, compared to other specialised frameworks like Bokeh or D3 (which I love and use for more demanding contexts).

This is a work-in-progress chart, made for analysis and not (yet) aesthetics, but I'm pretty excited with how it's turning out. A research report commissioned by reveals the extent of unlawful mass biometric #surveillance practices and technologies in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.

EDRi report:

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🇬🇧 Right now, a paper bag is the only way to be really safe from biometric mass surveillance. But do we want to live in a #paperbagsociety? #ReclaimYourFace & sign the ECI for a ban on facial recognition in public spaces!

Queremos muito ser pioneiros, mas é só para algumas coisas...
Esta medida estava prevista no projecto de lei da "Carta Portuguesa de Direitos Humanos na Era Digital", mas acabou por ser retirada.

Biometric mass surveillance is creeping out of science fiction and in to the real world - we’re asking the EU to take a stand and put it back where it belongs.

If you’re a European Union citizen, sign the ECI and join us:


🇵🇹 vs. 🇩🇪

A Alemanha está a dar-nos uma tareia nas assinaturas, não pode ser! Ajuda-nos a inverter essa situação. Assina a petição contra a vigilância biométrica no espaço público!


Collectively, a becomes a dystopian reality. It is a metaphor for the way biometric mass surveillance suppresses our choices, our speech and our freedoms.

Read more about the challenge & JOIN US:

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What would it be like to go about our daily lives with a paper bag on our head, just because we want to protect our faces from creepy facial recognition technologies?

Take a selfie, show us!

TAG & .

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Today, we launch the challenge to raise awareness of the dangers of biometric mass surveillance and the need to .


The world needs to end biometric surveillance💥

We’re joining a global call w/ & 170+ human rights advocates to ban this harmful tech that fuels discrimination & violates civil liberties. #BanBS 🇬🇧 Europe needs to act now! More than 170 organisations call for a global ban of biometric mass surveillance technologies. #BanBS

Sign the Citizens’ Initiative now and call on the to act:

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💥 Proibir a vigilância biométrica 💥

Juntamente com a Access Now, Amnesty Tech, Internet Freedom Foundation, idec, EDRi, Human Rights Watch e +170 organizações de direitos humanos, unimo-nos a este apelo global pela proibição do uso desta tecnologia:

Bom dia. Termina hoje o prazo para a transposição da directiva do direito de autor.

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