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Bruno Miguel partilhado

I really hate Russian dolls, they’re so full of themselves.

Two of the most annoying things are the itching and feeling stuff like bugs on my skin. I assume both are likely due to nerves firing up every time. Whatever the cause may be, it's incredibly annoying

Espero que 5 alarmes, com intervalo de 5 minutos entre cada um, seja suficiente ^^'

Bruno Miguel partilhado

Curious fact: The original intention why businesses started to use odd pricing (example $9,90, instead of $10) was to force the cashier to open the register to give change and in that way record the sale. Round numbers, on the other hand, would make it easier for the cashier to pocket the money.

Bruno Miguel partilhado
Bruno Miguel partilhado

Mutual Aid Req: meds & food needs. Boosts welcome! 💕 

120/250! :ameowbongo:

Thank you so much! :ablobsmile:

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Interesting extension: "uBlacklist is a Google Search filter for Chrome and Firefox"

Bruno Miguel partilhado
@frankie Websites can narrow down scope of who you are, based on web browser, system specifications, performance measurements etc. It's paranoid if you want all of these to be not known, and it''s not entirely possible unless you do everything offline or just don't use technology. You can mitigate it, but never make it impossible.

TIL, you can switch windows from one virtual desktop with another from the virtual desktops overview on . Nice feature!

Bruno Miguel partilhado

I have made a post about some Mastodon instances being associated with malware and explaining what I found:

I think it can be interesting for people who are + would love to have people from have a look and share any feedback. Thanks.

Bruno Miguel partilhado

In a shocking twist today, employees who wrote and published an extremely critical open letter about their CEO were fired. Hmm.

Hello, hot water bag, my old friend
I'm putting you on my back again
Because it keeps hurting like hell
And the opioids don't stop the pain
But you'll probably burn my skin
Yet again
With your boiling temperature

I intend to play around with a *BSD eventually. Which one would you recommend?

Is it just with me, or does Plasma Wayland add a small whitish border to many elements?

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