Even with AdGuardHome, the adblocker extension and the native Firefox adblocking system still block stuff. I hate this state of the web

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I have AdGuardHome with 7-day logging for the stuff it blocks. The web is a damn tracking minefield

Librewolf is a more privacy-focused Firefox. That's awesome, but it doesn't come without one or two shortcomings. One of those is that you don't get a notification about blocked Canvas on some sites so that you can allow it, and that messes with stuff like Instagram uploads. Instagram uploads are just the last thing I noticed it. It only happens seldomly, but it does happen. A good trade-off, I would say

Just a reminder, I've put a Whoogle instance online so that you can have the results from Google Search but without the tracking. The address is search.brunomiguel.net

I hope this instance helps you in your quest for online 💪

I want to give more use to the free Oracle Cloud VM I'm running. I already have a private Gitea instance and a public Whoogle instance. What other software could I run there, that will be of use to anyone who loves and/or ? The VM has 2 Arm-based vCPUs, 10Gb of RAM and 100GB of disk space

This is a small victory for . I've already updated my block list for the Nonio tracking platform

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Ahoy! Guess I should do an .

I'm Bruno, from the land of the 100000000 codfish recipes, Portugal.
I love and , and I volunteer with Fosshost.
I also run an Arch-based repository, blog about the hell of living with fibromyalgia, and love webcomics and dad jokes 😅.

I've been on and off from the since the Identi.ca times, but now that the smelly Musk is buying Twitter, I'll be more active here.

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