Devs, do you recommend a IDE (with a GUI, I'm a n00b) for PHP? I've seen PHPStorm, which has a really cool functionality where I can click the name of an invoked function, and it will forward me to the file and/or location where it is initialized. I've tried Kate, which kind of does this; Netbeans, which does it but complicates a lot of stuff; VScodium, which, as far as I can tell, doesn't do it unless I have the specific file open

I want to give more use to the free Oracle Cloud VM I'm running. I already have a private Gitea instance and a public Whoogle instance. What other software could I run there, that will be of use to anyone who loves and/or ? The VM has 2 Arm-based vCPUs, 10Gb of RAM and 100GB of disk space

Any good calendar apps for you would recommend, community?

Not long after, I became a volunteer. I really like their goal of empowering projects with resources, so they can focus more on growth. And I truly believe in the project and in its potencial to help the community grow as a whole.
If there is one project I would recommend you to start volunteering with , that project is @fosshost

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During the first year of userrepository, I was almost forced to abandon the project. Covid hit, the started and I was forced to go on sick leave, so money became (and it still is) really tight.
When I was about to shut it, I saw an article about @fosshost and how it was providing free hosting to projects. I immediately visited their website, read how to apply, and sent my application. The approval was quick and I was able to keep my "baby".

I'm compiling Speed Dreams (speed-dreams-svn) to add to, for your gaming needs

I'm building Engine (unicorn-git) for

"Unicorn is a lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture CPU emulator framework.

Multi-architectures: , (), , , , -V, (), , & (include )."

nerds from the , what's your favourite digital darkroom tool? And could you share some tips with me, an amateur photographer?

Fosshost was featured on Digital Ocean's Social Impact Program launch video initiative. You can learn more about the program at Digital Ocean's website and watch the video at Youtube

Continuing the

My fibromyalgia blog address is

If you have a project and need hosting, please apply at Please read Fosshost's wiki first, to learn about the eligibility criteria

If you want to check my software repository, the address is

Also, I have a personal blog at, mostly written in European Portuguese

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Ahoy! Guess I should do an .

I'm Bruno, from the land of the 100000000 codfish recipes, Portugal.
I love and , and I volunteer with Fosshost.
I also run an Arch-based repository, blog about the hell of living with fibromyalgia, and love webcomics and dad jokes 😅.

I've been on and off from the since the times, but now that the smelly Musk is buying Twitter, I'll be more active here.

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