During the first year of userrepository, I was almost forced to abandon the project. Covid hit, the started and I was forced to go on sick leave, so money became (and it still is) really tight.
When I was about to shut it, I saw an article about @fosshost and how it was providing free hosting to projects. I immediately visited their website, read how to apply, and sent my application. The approval was quick and I was able to keep my "baby".

I'm using more and more block refs on my journaling in @logseq. This is an extremely useful feature!

fatigue is a thing. I was already feeling tired all the time (thanks, ), but now I'm even more so. My energy levels are at -200% and continue to drop :blobtired:

I've done some changes to the way I journal about in @logseq. Now, I have a template with structure, so I can write down everything relevant and some fleeting notes

If you feel confortable sharing your experience living with the living hell that is , feel free to do so :flan_hug:

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My jaw and head hurt like crazy. I've noticed I clench my teeth when the pain increases, and only realize it when the headaches start

I had my fifth transcranial magnetic stimulation yesterday, but the relief was low. I wrote some notes about it and why I'm afraid this isn't good news for me fibrohell.github.io/posts/fift

Just finished journaling my last appointment
TL;DR: didn't feel as much pain relief, just like the last time. it might be because the pain has been increasing, because i've had two of the worst months so far, or because my body is getting used to the therapy 🤷

I have a medical appointment at 11:15, 200kms away from home. I should've slept. Instead, the pain kept me awake, so I took these two sunrise photos from my balcony

I need to wake at 07:30 at most, and of course, I'm still awake, with no prospect of sleeping

I've never felt so much pain in my arms and hands as I had since yesterday. I almost burned them when I put them under scorching running water so that I could feel a slight relief.

Today, the most significant is not as much as soared muscles, but my tendons hurting like hell

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