I was able to sleep three nights in a row this week. Tonight, however, I spent it awake in a lot of pain

Today, more than soared muscles, I feel the nerves in my upper-body screaming from the pain, and it's even worse than the soared muscles feeling

With this , I now have two things that make me feel exhausted all the freaking time

Two of the most annoying things are the itching and feeling stuff like bugs on my skin. I assume both are likely due to nerves firing up every time. Whatever the cause may be, it's incredibly annoying

It took me two weeks to remember to reschedule the last appointment (the wife had her car in the mechanic). On the 6th of July, I'll be going on a road trip to Covilhã, totalling 400kms so I can have a few days of pain relief. I can't wait for the 'return home' part of the trip ;)

I've slept for 4 straight days! I've not been able to do this for almost 2 years, since the started. Maybe the increase in fatigue, likely caused by the Covid infection, had a positive effect 🤷 🥳

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Tweaked my diary templates in @logseq and now the three highlights are also page links, so it's easier to track the progress of any of them independently of the others. Also, yeah, I may use tags a bit too much ^^'

@mutualaid I've been on sick leave for more than a year due to . Social Security pays me €242,20/month, but that's never enough for my monthly appointment, and meds for the fibro, ibs and asthma. Fortunately, the wife is working, but we've been late on rent a few times bc money is always short and we also need to eat. If you can help me, I'll be very thankful ❤️

:paypal:: paypal.me/brunoalexandremiguel

are appreciated ❤️

Two hot water bags (bottles?) later, I need to take a hot shower. My body is hurting like crazy

During the first year of userrepository, I was almost forced to abandon the project. Covid hit, the started and I was forced to go on sick leave, so money became (and it still is) really tight.
When I was about to shut it, I saw an article about @fosshost and how it was providing free hosting to projects. I immediately visited their website, read how to apply, and sent my application. The approval was quick and I was able to keep my "baby".

I'm using more and more block refs on my journaling in @logseq. This is an extremely useful feature!

fatigue is a thing. I was already feeling tired all the time (thanks, ), but now I'm even more so. My energy levels are at -200% and continue to drop :blobtired:

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