I have an old laptop I'm considering using as a (mostly file-) server at home for backups and stuff. My first thought was to use Ubuntu, but after pondering it, I decided to choose between Alpine and Debian. Today, I decided I'll use Debian Stable, mainly because I'm more familiar with it

Now, I need to think of uses for it besides running Nextcloud. If you have any tips, feel free to share them with me


If it's primarily a file/backup thing, I'd look at syncthing.

I use both Syncthing and Nextcloud, for different jobs.

@aifesteves openHAB will be nice when I get some "smarthome" stuff

@pedro it's an old laptop, compiling everything from source would take a ton of time and heat it just enough to cook on top of it xD

@brunomiguel I thought NixOS used binaries o.O (been trying to convert a Ubuntu VPS to NixOS with nixos-infect but no time/patience)

@pedro I believe there are binary repos, but only third-party ones, but I'm not 100% sure

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