I intend to play around with a *BSD eventually. Which one would you recommend?

@brunomiguel FreeBSD, just because one has to. And NetBSD, which I was unable to install and eventually lost patience and moved on.

@aurocha FreeBSD was on the bottom of my list, to be fair ^^' I was considering OpenBSD or DragonflyBSD, but my experience with the is just "install it in a VM, see if I can install packages, delete VM" ^^'


@aurocha but I may also consider Rocky Linux just because of Docker

@brunomiguel Rocky or AlmaLinux? :) They're both based on CentOS but have different philosophies, although they're currently delivering the same product: a bit-by-bit clone of RHEL.

@aurocha Rocky, because they seem to be more community-focused

@brunomiguel Fair enough, I'm thinking about installing one of them, but for an external hard-drive, which is mostly for backups.

@aurocha how? will you create a "small" partition for the distribution, another one for the backups, and the boot flag on the drive so you can boot from USB when you need it?

@brunomiguel Yup, precisely. Sort of a backup install to be used if needed. Doesn't have to be a 'desktop' distribution with up-to-date desktop and fancyness. Just a ready to used distro. The rest of the spare ssd external drive, is just used for backups. Actually I think I have Debian installed in it But I'll probably replace it.

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