Hope KDE Neon is stable enough for my sister-in-law 🤞

My first try was the latest PopOS, but for some reason the installer always crashed during my install attempts. If I have some issues during my tests with KDE Neon, I'll try Spiral Linux next spirallinux.github.io/ Spiral Linux also looks like a good fit for her, with all the proprietary codecs and all installed

So far, the only issue with KDE Neon was getting the image borked on resume from suspension, but that was fixed with a newer kernel version. Managed to replicate the issues my sister-in-law has with the laptop's keyboard and trackpad. Used tape to isolate the keyboard and trackpad cables, this time spanning the full width covered by the cables where they might touch the motherboard, and I hope that fixes it for good. If not, at least one of them may need to be replaced


If they start randomly failing again until they stop responding, I need to take a look at replacement prices

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