@RL_Dane no. It was I who blocked someone. And this instance, masto.pt, isn't mine, it's @hugo's.

@brunomiguel @hugo
Ah. I haven't blocked anyone yet, but I've blocked an annoying crypto instance, reported an instance to my admins, and set up a small handful of filters.

@RL_Dane thank Cthulhu, I haven't been bugged by grifter instances 🙏 May I ask which of those instances did you block? If you feel more comfortable sharing them privately, by all means do it :)

Honestly, I don't recall. It had Bitcoin in the hostname 🤭

@RL_Dane @brunomiguel Uhhh indeed, that's a weird statement xD
So popping a fedi cherry is blocking someone?

@vikinghoarder @RL_Dane it was the first time I blocked someone here, so it's kind of popping a cherry xD

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