I implemented multiple new features in Tokodon this weekend!

1. We now have rudimentary support for cards. So now you can get some information about the link before clicking on them.

2. Desktop notification should now work. This can be configured in the plasma notifications settings.

3. The last feature, I did today was the notification view. It allows you to look at your past notifications and you can also filter to only show mentions. The backend currently supports a few more options that still need to be exposed to the frontend (e.g. more filtering options).

@carlschwan I get a coredump for some reason when I try to run the latest built commit. I may need to clear my $HOME config and start again

@brunomiguel Also I just pushed again a few changes. So you might want to pull again.

@carlschwan I'm building the latest push and I'll see if I can get to make something out of gdb ^^'

@carlschwan here it is pastebin.com/3ixUyx6c
All I did was open gbd pointing to the executable, run "run" and then "backtrace". I have no prior gdb experience, so I apologize in advance if this is not enough

@brunomiguel Oh fun, it's in the QML runtime 😅 I will try to see if I can reproduce this issue locally :(


@carlschwan btw, how is the text size set? I find it very small compared to dolphin, for example. Is it reading Plasma's small text size?

@carlschwan sorry, my bad (and my poor vision), it's on the same size as Plasma's default size I've set. Could you consider allowing to increase the text size in the app?

@brunomiguel It's a bit tricky to implement as it means either implementing this in the theme as a per-application config or overwriting every label in the app to be scaled separately. I need to look into it at some point, this is also a popular request for @neochat

@carlschwan @neochat that would be great!! I assume it would be easier to do it in the theme, as it might be more future-proof (talking, of course, without any experience in Qml ^^')

@carlschwan also, increasing the line height a bit would improve readability, imho

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