Ahoy! Guess I should do an .

I'm Bruno, from the land of the 100000000 codfish recipes, Portugal.
I love and , and I volunteer with Fosshost.
I also run an Arch-based repository, blog about the hell of living with fibromyalgia, and love webcomics and dad jokes 😅.

I've been on and off from the since the Identi.ca times, but now that the smelly Musk is buying Twitter, I'll be more active here.


Continuing the

My fibromyalgia blog address is fibrohell.github.io/

If you have a project and need hosting, please apply at fosshost.org. Please read Fosshost's wiki first, to learn about the eligibility criteria docs.fosshost.org/general/appl

If you want to check my software repository, the address is userrepository.eu

Also, I have a personal blog at blog.brunomiguel.net, mostly written in European Portuguese

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