Ahoy! Guess I should do an .

I'm Bruno, from the land of the 100000000 codfish recipes, Portugal.
I love and , and I volunteer with Fosshost.
I also run an Arch-based repository, blog about the hell of living with fibromyalgia, and love webcomics and dad jokes 😅.

I've been on and off from the since the times, but now that the smelly Musk is buying Twitter, I'll be more active here.

Continuing the

My fibromyalgia blog address is

If you have a project and need hosting, please apply at Please read Fosshost's wiki first, to learn about the eligibility criteria

If you want to check my software repository, the address is

Also, I have a personal blog at, mostly written in European Portuguese

@brunomiguel não conhecia o fosshost. Seria algo adequado para ter um graph colectivo de logseq ou um vault de obsidian colectivo p ex sobre medicina como host? Usando p ex o GitHub cm fonte do código?

@josegustavomartins não. o objetivo do projeto é apoiar projetos de software livre

@josegustavomartins claro que há sempre exceções, mas para ser criada uma o projeto tem de fundamentar muito bem o porquê

@brunomiguel I'm a fellow sufferer of fibromyalgia. Mine started when I was 15 years old though. If you find anything that really helps, share please haha.

@joseph so far, only transcranial magnetic stimulation provided me some relief (only for a few days), and weed during the high

@brunomiguel have you already gone through the various fibromyalgia meds? None of them seem to really help me.

@joseph I've taken a ton of pain killers, antidepressants, muscle relaxants and some other stuff I can't remember. Only tramal 200mg has some effect, only in preventing the pain from getting even worse

@brunomiguel so far voltaren gel is the most helpful for me, but that isn't saying much. It helps enough so that I can get SOME sleep on the bad nights. I'm not sure how safe covering large portions of my body with it is though, so I don't use it often.

I'm currently trying Gabapentin.

@joseph happy to know voltaren works for you. I have to use (very) hot water bottles to try to decrease the pain. I've burned my back a few times because of that xD
I don't think I ever taken Gabapentin, but I've been prescribed so many meds in almost two years that I don't remember most names

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