@aurocha indeed, it does! I have it in my repo (hyprland-git). I may install it eventually

@brunomiguel I might have a look at it and configure your repo IF I decide to go ahead and wipe my current Fedora install and reinstall Arch. Again.

@brunomiguel Ahahahaha, probably, just so you see how demented I am. I can install Arch very quickly these days. BTRFS with subvolumes inside a cryptsetup container and a separate /boot partition. The same trickery goes to installing Fedora with the everything .iso: I only install what I want after a minimal install, configured manually the way I want to.

@aurocha never went with BTRFS, always with EXT4. Is it production-ready (whatever that means)?


@brunomiguel I went with BTRFS precisely because of Fedora. It has compression, which is a plus. Has a learning curve to it as well, but never had a problem with it. And if you are in an unstable configuration, you can take snapshots of your system and restore them in case of failure. Pretty good.

@brunomiguel Go for it, I don't believe you'll regret it. There are a few extra steps if installing manually, but nothing too crazy, like creating the subvolumes by hand and mounting them. I believe @EndeavourOS does this automagically, not sure. Important if you want to use snapshots and Timeshift.

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