E vocês por aqui, já cancelaram a Prozis hoje porque o MMilhão é pro-life?

They don't attack civil targets, so they say.

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Missile strike by Russian missiles on the shopping center.
Zelensky: It is impossible to imagine the number of victims.

If this is not a terrorist attack, then what!? If Russia is not a terrorist country, then who are they?

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One day someone should start a religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.


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Here is a deal: if you have never been woken up by a Russian missile exploding nearby, you shouldn't accuse those who live with this of so-called 'Russophobia'. It's not a 'phobia' to feel anger for those who are trying to kill you

@brunomiguel @jpaulostrindade Err... No fim de contas, acabo sempre por regressar ao GNOME. Muitas annoyances com o Plasma.

🧵👇 Definição de Estado Terrorista.

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Spoke about genocidal rhetoric at meeting. We should bring to justice Russian media figures who’ve been dehumanizing 🇺🇦 and inciting hatred all these years. They enabled mass atrocities. They give orders to kill and rape

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Walking out of ice cream shop last night, guy says "Hey, you don't need that mask, you afraid of the fake plague?"

Hypothesis: he's an idiot.

Test: Me, not breaking stride, "Nah, I'm just ugly. You should try it."

Ten seconds later, guy says: "Hey!"

Hypothesis confirmed. #science

Yep, I can relate to this. Even though it does somethings really well, you are presented with a lot of bugs you just have to live with. I think it's time to stop adding features and start working on making the desktop work without any bugs.

GNOME tends to be more cohesive and it's actually going in a very good direction



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Cá está, demência do dia, enter Arch...again (tenho de parar com isto). Mas a vontade de ver o Plasma 5.25 ganhou. So far so good.

It's always interesting to see this "best beginners distro" crap. IMO there isn't one. They all have their learning curve, and all offer, give or take, the same thing: a linux operating system. You may have preferences after distro hopping a bit, but calling a specific distribution a "beginner" just because it "might" be easier to install is crap.


A notícia já é trágica o suficiente. Já os comentários de alguns idiotas são de uma pessoa se passar. Dignos de pelotão de fuzilamento.

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O vice-presidente do Conselho de Segurança da Rússia confirma que “odeia o Ocidente“ por serem “fracos“. sicnoticias.pt/mundo/conflito-

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⚡️Stoltenberg confirms Zelensky to be invited to next NATO summit.

NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg said on June 15 that President Volodymyr Zelensky will be invited to address NATO leaders at the alliance's summit in Madrid on June 28-29, European Pravda reported.

Américo Rocha partilhado
Américo Rocha partilhado
Américo Rocha partilhado
Américo Rocha partilhado

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Olhava para si como peças únicas, tinha um Lego muito elevado.

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