USA e Israel bloqueiam medidas da ONU contra proliferação de armas no espaço e limitação às armas nucleares no Médio Oriente. Contrariamente ao que se comunica nos media a China e Rússia são fortes apoiantes deste tipo de medidas, algumas das quais apoiadas por uma esmagadora maioria quase unânime de países. Que vergonha!

Fica em Alcanena a melhor escola da Europa para estudar ciência

Nesta escola, os estudantes do ensino secundário participam em projetos de investigação para responder a problemas locais, tais como os desperdícios industriais, fertilizantes e biocombustíveis.

Greve climática quer trazer sindicatos e autarquias para protesto global

Alguns dos organizadores da Greve Climática Global lançaram um apelo que se pretende que vá além dos estudantes, que começaram este ano a dar um sinal inequívoco a todo o planeta de que o que está a ser feito não chega. - Portugal , Sábado.

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Lá fora:
Sistema de voto russo "crackado" a um mês das eleições; "hackers" americanos facilmente encontram vulnerabilidades nas máquinas de voto dos EUA, etc. Voto electrónico gera bastante debate porque levanta questões complicadíssimas de dar resposta.

Can Our Planet Survive Capitalism?

The Amazon rainforest is literally burning as we write this. Climate change is a huge threat, and it's no secret that it's being driven by capitalism and gre...

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A good piece of software exists and is enjoyed by many users. It's basically done and development has slowed down, but it nevertheless continues to be useful to its users.

Later, a new piece of software enters the same market to solve the same $task. It has to rewrite everything from zero, which may take years. As they make improvements over the years, each announcement keeps them on top of the news cycle, with each inch they move towards the finish line.


$newproduct erodes the mindshare from $oldproduct. It has been present at the forefront of the public's minds and quickly gains marketshare, and users who were familiar with $oldproject prior to the introduction of $newproject start to age out of the market.

This happens even if $oldsoftware is free/open-source and $newsoftware is proprietary, if $newsoftware is missing important features of $oldsoftware, if $newsoftware is a gear in the capitalist machine and will eventually spit its chewed up users out when they get sold to the highest bidder, etc.

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The Amazon Rainforest has been burning for 3 weeks straight and it’s only just being spoken about. Please, help raise awareness of the death and destruction of many types of wildlife. It’s only a matter of time before the whole rainforest is gone. #PrayforAmazonia


Report: Monsanto paid Google to bury unfavorable news" class="next-head

Monsanto had a spreadsheet of 23 specific steps it was taking to spin the news cycle in a more favorable direction." class="next-head

👏 Aussies continue to turn veg by the THOUSANDS! 👏

Another Aussie is deciding to eat less meat or go meat-free every 5 minutes! ♥️🐑

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**Facebook’s Libra Currency Monetizes Identity and Threatens Privacy**

"Bill Black discusses Feacebook’s new proposed crypto-currency, called “Libra.” Facebook could use this technology to standardize identity and create a world of ultimate surveillance, and then profit from it, says Black "

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The millions of children striking from school will become millions of adults striking from work if our governments continue to fail to #ActNow on the climate and ecological emergencies.



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The REAL reason the U.S. is picking a fight with Iran

Please Subscribe to this channel and hit the bell! Support the show by becoming a premium member: For one-time sponsorship...

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What it takes is #federation. (To quote my other toot:)

There have been some attempts at cooperative, non-profit and/or open-source ridesharing apps (notably in Austin), and some might still be operating. You are right that their challenge is the networks of drivers and riders. There's a trump card that we could play which would actually turn that into a strength against the competitive/for-profit/proprietary apps: #federation! If all the alternatives (globally) federate with each other using something like ActivityPub, small groups in each town could #selforganise to run driver collectives (teaming up to source/maintaining vehicles, insurance, healthcare benefits, etc), and devs could create any number of independent apps to innovate with better feature and UX - and every app would give you access to every driver or rider in the network!
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New Evidence Suggests 2018 Chemical Attack in Douma, Syria Was Staged

Leaked documents from the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) that were analyzed by MIT Prof. Theodore Postol about the 2018 chemical ...

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